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Archive through October 03, 2003

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Mark, yes they looked nice in the pictures but I bet he would have got some bids if he would have started each one at about half of what he had. They were all over priced but a few may have went as high as his starting price if they would have started lower. After all, no one wants to make thier high bid as the opening bid.

I have never seen them in 4.80, only 4.00....FWIW
I had a good cub day yesterday. I removed the tiller from the 109 (129) and mounted the plow. I had to make sure everything was set OK so I made a few rounds in the garden. It did a good job without much slippage, even though it had no weights installed. I didn't want to do that until I put the fluid in the new tires and get them on the tractor. Of course I had to get the 1650 out just to show my relatives what a little more horsepower and weight will do. Less than 2 weeks to get the fluid in and then put them on the trailer.
Jeff, I saw the posts on the other side. I had no idea some turned backwards.

.sbuc og
finally got some cub time in this weekend, satuarday i used the 149 to mow my postage stamp sized front yard, but any excuse to use the cubs i gota take. also mowed down some 5ft tall grass were i want to build a board walk across a bog area. today i used the 106/loader to trench the upper end of the bog to better drain were i installed a culvert and rock crossing last year. unfortunatly the 106 started to make a differnt noise than normal, upon inspection i found that the teaser spring broke, the damn things only a year old ! the stock clutch just isn't up to task of using the loader. i think i'm gona upgrade to somthin heavy duty, but i'm concerned about the ability to "slip" the pulling type clutches, with out the teaser spring my clutch is not very linear now, any input would be appreitated
I got the 1000 back together yesterday morning. Hauled it out to Dad's farm to give it a run @ plowing. Took a bit to get things dialed in. It was bogging down terribly. Turns out I had too much gas going in. Thinned it out a bit and away she went. Need to weight it up some more and it'll be ready to go. The downside of these gear jammers is the lack of infinite speed control. My 7 year old was with me and even said that, "It's too slow, Dad." I've gotta agree with him, even with the K241 spinning @ 4000 rpms.

On the bright side, 'ya gotta love plowing this beautiful Iowa black dirt. On the down side, Dad's beans didn't yield what he thought they should - I think they spent all their energy growing 'plant' instead of bean pods. What a trashy mess!

Hey, Travis - what's the Rockford field look like? Will we be better off leaving the coulters at home this time?

One last bit of good news. My Cub Hut builder called last night. I finally get the garage door today. It'll FINALLY be finished. Woo Hoo!
Had some seat time yesterday with the 1650 getting things "dialed in" for PD. Went over to Nick Queensland's bean feild and made a few rounds and some minor tweaking to the govonor and the plow and we were turning some nice Minnesota soil. Nick even had to take time out from finishing up hauling beans to the elevator to make a few rounds. Think he like's trying things out!! He even had the pleasure of killing the tractor didn't think it would happen but it did bog down once. We tried our best to imitate Art's rendition of plowing with a hydro but have come to the conclusion that he is the only one who can wipe out a fence with a hydro.

(Message edited by hsimon on October 06, 2003)
Anyone ever build a lawn vac mower deck boot? I am adapting an older EZ-Rake lawn vac to my 125. I've already built a bracket to attach the vac unit to the tractor but now am faced with shelling out $$$ for a new mower deck boot or fabricating my own. I thought that I would poll the collective expertise here before deciding whether to build or buy. Thoughts on how to proceed?
JEFF - IH didn't do a WHOLE lot to promote the Cub Cadets like giving away coffee cups, But "IF" You bought a 5488 in 1982 (185 HP full size tractor) IH would give You a free 982! I wonder how many took IH up on that deal? WYATT - No frt tires in the shop. I do have those 6X12 R-1's You had on the 73. I had to do some searching in the shop yesterday to find all My weights for the lawn areator! KEITH - I don't think a Shop EVER gets completed! I started Mine in 1994 or 1995 and it STILL isn't done!
MARK H. - I built My WHOLE lawn vac. I don't have any pic's here at work but I can send You some tomorrow. The chute that attaches to the mower deck is the most critical thing to make them work right.
Denny- I would be interested in seeing those boot pics as well. . have to make one up for the 60" Haban on the 1872SGT.

Anybody want to come be a maid/chef for me? Wife basically is restricted to rest activities until the baby gets here in February. . .I have way to much to do to clean, cook, & do laundry!
Paul Andrews
You've got mail!
Starting to get cold out there now so I'm preparing the cub for winter. I'm not mounting the blower just yet since PA Plow Day is this weekend but here's a tire question for all you veterans . . . .

I bought some Carlisle Super Lug tires to use with my plow. I filled them with washer fluid per this boards suggestions and it worked out great. I even mounted them the correct way!
My question is, has anyone had any experience with these tires in the snow? I know they make snow tires but was wondering how the bar tires would work compared to the turfs with chains and weights. The only complaint about the chains is that it marks up the drive and the walkways so I was thinking that this might work better. Any ideas? I still plan to use the 75 lb wheel weights with the bar tires in the snow.

Steve S.
I've got a hydro gasket that I'm not going to use kickin' around at home. Let me know if you need it... I'm not sure which one it is right now, but I'll be happy to check for you.

Did you ever get the clearance issues figured out on the 60" Haban deck mount vs. the CI tranny you put in the 1872?

Glad to hear you got the 1000 rolling. I hear ya on the gear-drive speed issue. The Plow Special is going to get a new 2nd gear when I get the time as I had people <font size="-2">(Kent Schultz, cough, cough)</font> pulling up behind me in the furrow at Steve's with 7hp cubs that had the faster (post Original) 2nd gear. I wonder what Midwest carries that would do the trick?

Good news/bad news weekend....
The bad news is I didn't get any Cub time in this weekend, but the good news is that I hung 34 sheets of drywall and four 8-foot "cold weather" fluorescent shop lights this weekend, so the new cub den is nearly completed!

(Message edited by aaytay on October 06, 2003)
Frank M., the paint for use inside the auger housing and the discharge chute is Slip-Plate brand available at Grainger's, you could use Graphite Paint which is available at Fleet Farm.

Denny, I might have some photos of your lawn vac, I'll see if I can find them.
I have a set of Kenda tri ribs. They are noticiably taller with larger tri-ribs than the ones that Tucker Tire sells on ebay. I believe they are 4.80. I'll check them out tonight.
Denny, I found the photos, 5 of them but none of the deck discharge. :eek:( One of the non-discharge end though.
Here are a couple of pics sent to me of an <FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> Cub Cadet with an unusual lift setup for a front mounted Mott flail mower. This was recently acquired by a very knowledgeable forum member who says that the lift handle looks quite "factory". The lift assist doesn't look factory however ! !

Could this have been owner (or dealer) fabricated with "factory" parts and a bit of ingenuity ?

If memory serves me correctly (not likely) we saw pics of a similar setup some time ago. Kraig, do you have any pics of that ?





Art- I have been too busy with everything else to mess with it. . I can use the tractor, I just have to be careful when backing or the deck will flop to the side a little.

There are yellow marks on the lateral brace, so I think it rubbed in the past for some reason. . I may have to alter the brackets to sit 1" lower or something.
KRAIG - I bet the pic's You found were the ones Wyatt took. I took some last fall when I was playing with leaves. My old Co-worker up in FDL was working on HIS lawn vac and wanted to get some ideas off of Mine. I'll send You the pic's tomorrow for Your files.