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    etopel replied to the thread 782 hydro help?.
    Probably nothing as long as it wasn't to fast or to far. It would probably be a good idea to put the wheels on and set it on the ground...
  • H
    Johnnyboy - are you sure it's the rear seal and not the front seal? I believe it's really more common for the front seal to fail on a...
  • tromaniecki
    The bushing lasted some 25 or 30+ years!?!? I'd say it would be fine with a new one. my point oh two.
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    hydroharry reacted to Rob Achenbach's post in the thread 129 hydro leak? with Like Like.
    Just wanted to pass on HUGE thank you as well as a few quick pics (not the best) of the hydro pump gasket change. The FAQ with photos...
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    tdale replied to the thread 782 hydro help?.
    What happens if someone pushed this not running?
  • tromaniecki
    tromaniecki reacted to Martin Johnson's post in the thread Deck and Mule Drive Parts with Like Like.
    To complete the circle: My 149 is mowing a lot better now. I installed a nearly new older set of blades...probably most important. I had...
  • tromaniecki
    tromaniecki replied to the thread Cub 1641 carburetor.
    Frank - if you disconnect the hose from the carb will fuel flow from it? (You might have to turn engine over if you have a fuel pump)...
  • dschwandt
    Please post Cub related questions in the proper section. Perhaps the mods will move this thread.... Charlie has the rear seal for $6.86...
  • J
    Hi all, I am going to get to the bottom of this confusion hopefully with some help on the forum. I have had this tractor going on a year...
  • dschwandt
    dschwandt replied to the thread SB 9A followed me home.
    Stu, That's where I got my QCTP. Cabinet is gutted and ready for a trip to the sandblaster. UMD components are cleaned and awaiting the...
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    flowery replied to the thread Cub 1641 carburetor.
    Thank you. I used the torch tip cleaners to clean out the jets. Plus stayed carb cleaner into and through the jets. Got more ear wax...
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    jgeorg replied to the thread SB 9A followed me home.
    David, The SB is looking like new! Stu, regarding tooling I've bought my carbide stuff from Curtis at...
  • jbaker
    jbaker replied to the thread XT1.
    Dave is correct but is it is one bad donkey lawn mower
  • jbaker
    jbaker reacted to dschwandt's post in the thread XT1 with Like Like.
    No, it's a "lawn mower"
  • S
    Stu replied to the thread SB 9A followed me home.
    Hey, it looks great. I am currently reviving a long unused Delta/Rockwell 10". Just about done, I set aside the old mechanical variable...