International Cub Cadet

International Cub Cadet garden tractors manufactured by International Harvester Company.

During the 1960's International Harvester Company initiated an entirely new line of lawn and garden equipment. This was a radical departure from the usual farm implements but reflected the rising popularity of country homes and a resulting need for small power equipment. The first of these items was the Cub Cadet tractor, available in three basic engine sizes - 7, 10, and 12 horsepower. These small outfits had a wide variety of Cub Cadet and aftermarket attachments available, including lawn mowers, blades, snow blowers, rotary tillers, front end loaders, dump carts, and other items.

Information about these International Harvester Cub Cadet models is the focus of this site.

Company advertising of this time noted that after thorough field testing, Cub Cadets were tested by "boys - acknowledged by many as the world's worst destructive force!" The Cub Cadets came through this test in good shape - a credit to the childproof safety built into these units. In addition to many safety features the Cub Cadets included extra rugged construction, instant starting, and a "sweptback" hood design.

Go IH Serial Numbers and Letters Go IH

The engine serial number is stamped on a plate on the left side of the engine.

The chassis (or tractor) serial number will be found stamped on the right side of the reduction gear housing.

It is generally accepted that Serial number 65457 marks the end of production of the
'Original' Cub Cadet available only with a 7 HP Kohler (K-161 Series).

Production of the Cub Cadet 70 and Cub Cadet 100 began with Serial number 65458. The 70 was available with the 2-7/8 X 2-1/2 inch (K 161 Series) 7 HP Kohler engine. The Cub Cadet 100 had a 3-1/4 X 2-7/8 inch (K-241 AS) Kohler engine that produced 10 HP.

The chassis numbers run consecutively regardless of the tractor model, however, no attempt was made to have the engine and chassis serial numbers correspond.

Whenever the terms "right" or "left" and "front" or "rear" are used, it is understood to mean from a position behind and facing the equipment.

Serial Numbers
Date Built
Identifying Characteristics
International Cub Cadet
501 - 65457
1960 - 1963
Narrow frame , bolted
70 & 100
65458 - 127160
1963 - 1965
implements. Solid
71 - 102 - 122
127161 - 218009
1965 - 11/67
mounted engine. 
123 Hydrostatic
157490 - 218009
1966 - 11/67
3/8" belt
72 - 104 - 105 - 124 - 125
218010 - 306085
11/67 - 8/69
Narrow frame, quick hitch.
73 - 106 - 107 - 126 - 127
307000 - 400000
8/69 - 8/71
Solid mounted engine.
147 Hydrostatic
316816 - 400000
11/69 - 8/71
3/8" belt
86 - 108 - 109 - 128 - 149 - 169 - 129
400001 - 529811
9/71 - 10/74
Wide frame. Solid mounted engine. Quick hitch. 3/8" belt
800 Cadet
530001 - 572876
10/74 - 12/75
Wide frame. ISO mounted engine. Elec. P.T.O.
1000 - 1200 - 1250 - 1450 - 1650
530001 - 664996
10/74 - 6/80
Quick hitch. Enclosed engine. 3/8" belt
482 - 582 - 682 - 782 - 982
665001 - 700000
7/80 - 6/81
Wide frame. Solid mounted engine (except 482-680-1210)
5/8" belt. Sleeve hitch.

Cub Cadet 100 Crawler done by Dan Hoefler. Click on image for details.

A very lively and informative forum dedicated to the best little tractors in history may be found here. All visitors are encouraged to participate, we ask only that you limit your comments and questions to
Cub Cadet tractors manufactured by International Harvester
Go to it from here but be sure to come back and visit often to see what changes have been made.

Dan Hoefler's Cub Cadet 100 Crawler is truly a work of art. An engineer by profession and master machinist/artisan in his off time, see the result of 1300+ hours in his home shop.

Cub Cadet Forum Archive A diligent forum reader has preserved most of the first 1000 plus postings before the great crash (BGC). For a lot of information check here. It is browser searchable, very informative, fun to read, and will give new readers a bit of background about the 'Great Oil Controversy', when Hydro Owners came out of the closet, required penance for allowing 'unclean' Brand X visitors to stay under same roof, and other topics pertinent to IH Cub Cadet fiends.

For those of you who are interested in toys here is a page just for you. Check in here to see some 1:16 scale Cub Cadet toys.

I came across an IHC Outdoor Power Products consumer brochure from the 1970's and thought it may be of interest to some of you. It contains a lot of information and pictures of the accessories available back then. Also some neat photos of a Cub Cadet section of a typical IHC dealership. WOW ! ! Check out those hairdos and fashions of the day! See it here.

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