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    • bcarl
      bcarl replied to the thread 1967 Cub 105 drive shaft roll pin.
      If your handy with a welder you can weld up the worn slot and drill out the opening. My son-in-law fixed some for me by welding up the...
    • bcarl
      I had the same issue with a noisy clutch yesterday. I had a spare drive plate with a good bushing to swap. Took me almost as long to...
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    • bcarl
      Check the wiring diagram I sent you. The wire from the solenoid to the amp meter should be to the positive side of the meter. The wire...
    • bcarl
      bcarl replied to the thread coil question and introduction.
      I have only had one condenser ever go bad. It was all at once. I initially checked points, coil, spark plug, etc. as there was no...
    • bcarl
      Here’s a wiring diagram that may help. The ground wire on my 147 is connected to the top bolt of VR along with the ground wire of the...
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    • bcarl
      bcarl replied to the thread Weak starter/gen.
      Bob, maybe the bearings binding? I had one that would squeal every now and then until I saw the blue smoke at the belt. Locked up...
    • bcarl
      bcarl replied to the thread Wheel weight ID.
      They do look similar. I’ve never seen any cast wheel weights without some type of foundry mark until this set.
    • bcarl
      Any idea what brand the 50 lb white weights are? They came with the IH stamped weights. I can’t find any marks to identify the white...
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