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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Jul 24, 2022
the High Plains of Kansas
Chris “CӞ” Claussen

found weights for the inside of my 100’s wheels. $37.50 each! (plus a two-hour round trip and a BBQ lunch.) not too shabby!
the guy also has a tired old 149 he’s trying to sell, CHEAP. says he’d take $75 just to get it moved.
it is in excelsior springs, missouri.
guy’s name is cole. 816-520-3580
i told him I’d get the word out here.
pic below. (wheel weights SOLD.)

well, it wouldn’t fit in my honda civic! 🤣

(were it a runner) I guess I could have roaded it home (towing the civic). 😆

if only the shop & budget were bigger, with shop time to match! 🚜
I seem to be in a wheel weight "desert", they are always too far away. :(
You are in a Cub Cadet dead zone :( my friend. I've seen some old Sears lawn tractor weights that maybe a good alternative. I'll wait until spring when the hoarders are desperate. And with older tractors for sale w/weights sometimes they'll part with the weights only just to get rid of them. I'd like to get a light set for mowing. That 2182 is front-end heavy with the radiator and battery, when it gets pointed down hill it will spin backing up -- could use a little better traction.
Are you sure those will fit on the INSIDE??
Looks to me, from here, the hole is way too small for the axle/bolt ring/hub to fit through.
nope, not sure! just going on what someone on this site said about putting wheel weights on the inside of the wheel.
seeing them first-hand, dimensions relative to the wheels, simply eyeballing, it sure appears to be possible.
i was actually going to put them on tomorrow since I’ve got the day off and the Mrs. & kids are out of town!
🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 🛞🛞 🚜💨
if they don’t fit inside the wheels, it seems some folks bolt weights on the outside, stacked on other weights.
might try that as plan B if plan A proves infeasible. 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

quickly discovered that the “new” weights didn’t offer clearance for the lugs, so I switched my existing weights to the inside of the wheels and mounted the new ones on the outside.



the dog seemed to approve.


cool trick putting one set of weights on the inside of the wheel. sure glad someone here mentioned that!

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