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LOL..OMG Scott...to cute. Sure happy to hear the furkids are all snuggly, comfy sleeping in bliss. (((smiles))How they love the sun. Yesterday, Hannah spent all morning into early afternoon sleeping and chasing the sun on the back of the couch and she was so toasty warm when I went to give her lovings..healing. The sun is so healing and warm.


I just put clean sheets on my bed, and lordy be, Fancy has special rador installed for clean sheets, blankies, towels and of course, he had to get on MY clean sheet and leave a few hairs..urrrr. lol. Don't know if I should laugh or cry. Why can't my bed be virgin ground..and NO kitty is allowed to leave hair that abounds? guess thats the part about being mommy to 4 loving kids, right? Worth it, for sure.
Man..... kinda makes me wish I was a cat. Those dudes have it made!
When I need cheering up, I just go to this link and look at the pics.
Marty, when I read your post I went " Awwww". Maybe you should adopt a couple
of kids? Two is much better then one as kitties are not loners, despite some people believing so. There are always kitties for adoption. Even older kids would be great, as they often get looked over in favor of kittens. Anyways, that was really cool that you said when you need cheering up you come and check out our furkids pics. ((smiles))


Now you know I already have a wild one inside, and two outside in the beach house!
I couldn't bear any more.
I spent 5 hours Saturday building a "screen" door to go at the steps from upstairs to the basement. This was to keep Sparky from jumping the kiddy gate and going downstairs and putting his footprints all over my Harley!
well I had a slight memory lapse.happens, right?
I was going to holler at you to see what's new with your gang..!! haven't seen pics of the kids in awhile, so what are the boys up to, since they are indoors and not out in the beach house this time of year? are they still grazing on oats?

early this morning Hannah thought she had go out and work on the porch and I told her it was freezy breezy out there, but she doesnt pay any mind to me, so marlin let her out and she did a complete turn around once her feeties hit the floor out there. then Fancy and Annie had to go out. I thought everyone was back in, so I closed the slider and then kept looking as I didnt see Annie, and yep, she was still out there but decided to sit up HIGH on the arm of the recliner so I could easily see her. When she saw that I had caught eye of her, she was like
!!! I felt bad, but she was out there only a few minutes at the max, but she beat it in the house in short order.


No, they are still outside. There's no way I could let all three stay in the house. They would fight like crazy. Lester and Louie are pretty mild mannered, but would love to pick at Sparky, and he would not take kindly to that! Remember, Sparky was a ferrel cat, and retains a lot of his survival traits.
Winter took it's toll on the oats, so they are just eating regular cat food. They have their winter coats on, and are quite fluffy.
I have been quite busy trying to get my firewood cut for the year after next,(I always let it dry out two years) and haven't had time to take any pics. Hopefully,I will be able to soon.
Sparky has rehabilitated his hip somehow, and has been jumping over the child gate and going down into the basement. I spent five hours last Saturday building a "screen" door to stop that. Hope to soon get some pics of the door too.
Marty, I imagine Louie and Lester are quite pretty with their fluffy winter coats.Poor Sparky having an ouie hip, but its a wonder what determination can do , heal. ...what with Sparky taking to high jumping over the baby gate. hahaha.

No you sure don't want to have cat fights. I get upset when any of ours catch a bad attitude,
if even for a moment. this morning Hannah was sitting on a dining room chair and Annie went up behind her and gave her a little pat on the behind. It was kinda cute. Like she was gonna sneak Hannah and she would never know who ' gave her the butt pat". Earlier she did the same thing with Tootsie, when she wasn't looking, Annie went for a swipe on the butt, but abit later, Tootsie got in Annie's face and gave her a swat on the head. hehehe. I think Annie just wanted to play tag with Tootsie as none of it was agressive, just kitty play.I do notice since everyone has been getting the peacekeeper essence in their water, that everyone is more mellow. None of that nasty energy coming from anyone. Sure glad I got it. And with Tootsie now sleeping on the loveseat in the living room where we all amass, its sooo good to have her back with us instead of hanging in her room. She loves her quiet space. The other morning I guess Annie had to pee and Tootsie would not let her use either of her two pans.lol..so poor little girl had to go so bad, I guess she couldnt make it downstairs and peed on the floor. Of course, Daddy marlin was there to clean it up. Tootsie has two pans. Well, I had two pans in the bathroom for all of them, but now it seems only Tootise uses them, unless someone can sneak in a piddle or poop when she's not around. but Tootsie will pee in one pan and do her no.#2 in the other. I thought that was really comical.

Mike F. I just had the funniest thought. Well you see with all your snow, you can't get out to get bread and milk, so you send, who else? yes Meow Meow, and well he couldnt handle the milk, but I had visions of him dragging home a loaf of bread ( between his legs) and him having a heck of a hard time, since the snow drifts are ten times bigger then him. Poor MM..thank goodness HE doesn't have to run errands. lmbo..

That's funny Cathleen! That darn cat would drink the milk and then drag home the bread!!

Chris asked M.M. if he wanted to go outside and see what the snow felt like? I laughed as he wasn't going to leave my lap during his morning nap!
Mike,I dont know why Meow Meow and his trek to the store to get you milk and bread came to mind. hahaha, anyways, poor Fancy did not want to go out with daddy this morning to bring the Dakota up to the door, but dad insisted. Poor Fanc was so cold. The wind shifted from the south to the north, and wow, what a difference that makes. BurrrrrI dont blame MM for ignoring Chris's invitation to go out and test the snow.. kitties are smart you know.!?? hehehe