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Hello All

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Well-known member
Jun 23, 2012
Newton, WV
Billy Drake
Hi everyone,

I just finished my post on the main forum about my Cub purchases. I decided not to go into too much personal detail there, feeling here would be more appropriate to explain my lack of activity on the site. First and foremost, I decided to purchase a piece of property a few years ago. When I bought it, I bought it for my mom, given the fact that her living conditions at the time were very sub par, to say the least. When I bought it, I bought it "sight unseen", meaning I had seen the outside of the property, and had even mowed the yard before, but had never been inside. I didn't pay too much for it, so I thought I was getting a really good deal. Good lord was I in for a rude awakening.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a giant whole in the floor. Waiting beyond that, was two more holes in the floor. I walked into the living room, and the furniture had started molding (the place sat empty for 2 years), the floor was waved shaped, and, you guessed it, had holes in it too. Their is a main circuit breaker outside, just under the meter box. Someone had flipped the breaker to 'off', and in that 2 years it sat, the breaker had corroded inside and needed replaced. That was actually fairly simple, and without too much fuss, we had electricity. After 18 long months of renovation, the house wasn't finished, but finished enough we could move in. That was in 2019.

Being able to give my mom things like running water, a shower, indoor plumbing, and a furnace really made me happy. As a result of all the renovations, my Cub kind of took a back seat while I focused all of my efforts on this. In the summer of 2021, I bought the 1250 and 86's I mentioned on the main forum. Mom and I went together on the purchase of my 108; I paid 325 for it; I came up with 225, she came up with the other 100. It was something that we shared together. When I bought these three, I was just as happy and excited to share this with her as well.

Unfortunately, things hit a major road block for me last year. In October, my Mom was having issues with her stomach. She went to the doctor, and the doctor determined her gallbladder was inflamed, and needed to be removed. She had the surgery October 6th. After the surgery, she started running a fever. She took some ibuprofen, and the fever went away. Things were looking okay. A few days later, she started exhibiting symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis, something she has experienced many times before. So, we took her to the hospital for treatment. While she was there, she developed sepsis really, really bad. My poor dad was running back and forth from the hospital (about 45 miles one way), and he was just exhausted. Finally, on October 17th, Dad and I went in at about 4:30 in the morning. By this time, she was hooked up to 10 different IV bags, and she was hooked up to a ventilator. She passed about 6:30 that morning.

Since her death, I have done very little to the Cubs. I just don't have the heart anymore I suppose. I have made some progress on the house, but am not as far along as I would like to be. My mom and I were very close. She was, in many ways, my best friend. We talked about everything together, including the Cubs. In fact, she would often ask me how my 108 was doing. I have searched long and hard for a reason why she had to leave so soon. Looking from a philosophical perspective, from a theological perspective, I think it boils down to sometimes, life just sucks. She was only 61.

I have ranted long enough. For those who read this long winded piece, thank you very much for doing so.
A couple weeks back I lost an uncle who was my best friend. For decades we did things around the farm that were probably work for others but somehow we just made it fun because it was the 2 of us. He developed Parkinsons and it just consumed him over the last 2 to 3 years.. Growing old is just cruel and we have to find ways to enjoy the time we have here. I'm sorry for your loss, hope you can heal and move forward ...
I can relate. My father passed away October 31st of 18' which devastated me. 19 days later, my grandmother passed (Dad's mom). We lived 150 miles apart, but were very close. I too lost interest in doing anything for a long time. Since then I have had three surgeries. I contracted covid pneumonia the end of last August, and the Dr. said I had a 50/50 chance of survival. I made it, but am still struggling with side effects.
With all this in mind, I have a greater desire to make the best of each and every day. We are not promised tomorrow, so make the best of today. Some days I can't do anything, but when I can, I push myself to do all I can.
It just takes time to "heal" from someone passing that was close to you. You never get over it, you just can tolerate it better as time goes on. The desire to tinker with the cubs will return one day also, it just takes time. :)
Sorry for your loss. I can relate to what you are going through. Like Marty G. mentioned, it takes time. When my brother was killed in an accident, I was devastated. I was in college at the time and nearly dropped out. Thank God for my wife and friends, for the support they gave me. Stayed in college and managed to make it through the end. The one thing that helped me out the most was to get his 1971 Cutlass back. Lot of memories with that car. The part that helped me to heal was to complete a frame off restoration. I still have that car 30 years later. Roast the tires in his honor occasionally.

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