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      dgeary reacted to digger's post in the thread Tire Trouble with Like Like.
      If you want to ruin your tires doing that, go right ahead!!!!:drool2:
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      dgeary reacted to Everettlee's post in the thread Solenoid with Like Like.
      The diameter of the cable is relevant to how many amps it will carry. Has little to do with voltage. It is a true fact that a 6 V...
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      dgeary reacted to kmcconaughey's post in the thread 1650 "refresh" with Like Like.
      The side panels are there to make it quieter, not cooler. The brochure from when the "Quiet Line" series was introduced only mentions...
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      dgeary replied to the thread 149 mower deck.
      I ran into a similar thing on my deck this last year. Turned out the deck itself was cracked around one of the mounts are in back. I...
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      If you are referring to the drive pulley for the input shaft, it should just slide on even if both pulley and shaft are the same...
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      dgeary reacted to jdrong's post in the thread Cub 1862 plow or snow blower with Like Like.
      Blowing snow against the wind is not fun. I bought a used sim cab and adapted it to my 149. Front turf tires are worthless for steering...
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