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Cub Cadet Story

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Jul 22, 2007
Harry Bursell
I was looking for some info in my files and ran across this Story. It may have been posted sometime back. Just not sure. I did try to check the archives but after going back 15 years I didn't find anything. It doesn't have an author's name so I can provide credit where credit is do. Here's the story:

Hi, I'm a IH Cub Cadet model 70
For 30 years I worked for the same family,
year after year I waited for spring to come so I could once again go to work, I existed for that.
I took care of them and They took care of me. But eventually all good things come to an end.
I was getting a little worn, and my mower deck gave out.
I thought my owners would repair it, but they never did. Another tractor took my Job and I was pushed aside and forgotten. I was left for dead, I could just not believe what had happened.
Years passed by, My bolts became rusted, my Clutch froze, Spiders lived in my Carburetor and Wasps and hornets nested under my engine tin. Weeds and grass grew to cover me. After all the years I had worked to keep them in control, They had finally defeated me. I had given up all hope....
One day I heard someone stop, I faintly heard my owner say, "take the thing" Was he talking about me??
And then I was pulled from the entanglement. Three long years I had rotted in that underbrush. Soon I found myself under cover of a roof, for the first time in years, and there were other old cubs around and the smell of fresh paint and new Hytran.
I held down a spot in that shop for the next year
The most ancient of all the cubs that called it home. Defeated but not Vanquished.
But I was not done traveling.
One day in the spring I was tied down in the bed of an old truck and hauled off....All the old fears returned, The ride was long and the roads were bad, and when we finally stopped I had to spend another night outdoors.
The next morning I was crammed into a Garage.....there was little room and there were yellow parts scattered around everywhere. Well that's it. I'm scrap, I'm spare parts, I thought.
But once in awhile someone would walk by and I'd get soaked in WD-40. One day my Carb vanished. and my hood was over in the corner....But today I got a Battery, and My carb was returned....without the spiders, And once my ignition switch was replaced,
chug chug chug bang bang .....I'm RUNNING!!! Cough Cough Cough!.......oh man, my muffler is shot.....cough cough....Carb needs adjusted but I'm alive again!
This isn't my last day..............It's summer again and that grass looks like it needs cut. So Where's my Deck?? It's time to get back to work

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