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Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke , IL October 24th & 25th, 2014

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I have a bunch of picks to post from the great PD that the Blunier Family hosted,,Thank You

First batch is trailer loads of cubs heres a few






Battle of the doubles


a cool front weight


I hope I can make mine look like this someday




I don't post too many Deere pics but this young guy was plowing like a pro..
Awesome job on the plow day! First time there. Although I didn't drop a plow in the dirt(I did have many offers, thanks to all who offered) my Son and I had a great time seeing all the tractors in the furrow. Once the fog burned off, it got, dare I say, alittle warm out.
Good seeing some of the guys, old and new. Jeff, thanks for sharing all the pics. The little guy on the greenie was impressive. Even my 11 year old son was impressed! Looking forward to PD 2016. I will have a tractor or two their with a plow in the dirt. Good seeing everyone, Jeff, Dave, Rick, and Steve Shaff. Sorry I missed ya Josh Stertz. We had to sneak out at 10:30ish to help Dad with beans.

Steve, once again nice job, super hosts, top notch setup, wonderful weather, and congrats on the donations for Bryan's family.
One more note.....

As several posts have mentioned, the QUALITY of the plowing was outstanding this year!!!! Square headlands, plowed out dead furrows, good depth...everyone worked hard to not only have fun, but to "do it right".

This was not lost on many of the local farmers that stopped to watch the action on Saturday, nor on the +/-500 church goers who commented on what the field looked like as they drove to church this morning (this made my Grandmother especially happy, as she attends there). When farmers who were raised in the "plow it black and don't dare leave any trash on top" era comment on the quality of the work a bunch of Garden Tractor collectors turn out...well that's saying something!!!!!
Had a great time with the family at the Bluniers this year. It was good to see every one again!


Connie and Emma having fun in the trailer


Jeff, that's my son on the 300 plowing he had a fun day he's only five but did a good job. He fell asleep pretty fast on the way home.

Your son did a great job on that 300.....made me smile every time I passed by!!!!!

"Little" Steven is on the 782 with the hub caps in the "worm angle" shots below.......hard to believe he's 13 already.......
What a great day!! It was really good to see everyone again. Thanks to Steve and his family for hosting, and Wyatt for putting up with me for 700 miles :)
Awesome pics guys!!!! I am going to have to bring one of mine over in the near future, as it's only a couple of hours from Mom and Dad's...

Just a quick question. I have seen a few comments about 2016, do you normally only do a plow day every 2 years? Just wanting to make sure, so I know how to plan.... I have to bid my vacation early and want to have the plow day in mind when I do.....
Beans this year, corn next year, beans the following year....so yes, Blunier PD is every other year.

Our other fields are not easily accessible and don't support parking, etc.

Opportunity for others to host!!!!!
Cory, Tell your son job well done, Was this his first Plow Day?

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