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    • snicklas
      snicklas replied to the thread K301 rebuild.
      I’d also bet, back in the day, IH used the same paint on everything…. If it was yellow, it was the same paint… white, the same…. I’ve...
    • snicklas
      On any of the tractors with the enclosed engine bay (Quietline, 82 Series, Cyclops and even newer than those), yes. All the tins on the...
    • snicklas
      snicklas replied to the thread My first cub..
      Yes, it will work. I have a rear lift casting from a 782 on my 1450…
    • snicklas
      snicklas replied to the thread New From NC.
      I agree, the extra sheet metal on a Quietline doesn’t really add any extra time. The 2 side panels can be removed in a minute or two. 2...
    • snicklas
      snicklas replied to the thread Why are there so many Models?.
      Cost was another factor. The 7/8 horse models were normally “bare bones“ machines (they could be optioned up) and sold at a lower price...
    • snicklas
      snicklas replied to the thread Vermeer M 147H PTO questions.
      CCSpecalities (colorful box up top) should have the parts to rebuild it, or even an already rebuilt one. I think he might even rebuild...
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