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  1. snicklas

    169 kind code

    I was under the impression that the last 4005 Wide Frames were all 169’s..... they didn’t make any other model during that time... so they should all be consecutive from the first to the last.....
  2. snicklas

    Pull behind lawn sweeper

    Is that Steiner a Bailer?
  3. snicklas

    Picked up another one

    Oh, you have no idea!!!!!
  4. snicklas

    1450 resto

    @hydroharry That's the story I heard also. An outside company approached IH about buying fasteners. Up to that point, it never occured to IH that they could sell fasteners to other companies. So they changed the stamp, so that other companies wouldn't have IH stamped bolts....
  5. snicklas

    1450 resto

    On a side note.... do you all know why then went from using the IH stampings to the WP stampings? @kmcconaughey Yes, the WP is for the West Pullman plant in "Chicago". It was the fastner and woodworking plant for IH....
  6. snicklas

    Another day in the Jeep.....

    I guess I'll take a few pictures in the next couple weeks.......
  7. snicklas

    Another day in the Jeep.....

    That lift arm looks just like the ones that are on the blades we use on all our wide frames.... (149, QL’s and 82 series). But that subframe is for a narrow frame. The blade will swap to a wideframe subframe, because at one point we had a narrow frame subframe and a wideframe subframe and...
  8. snicklas

    A two-fer Look What Followed Me Home...

    I mentioned this in another thread a little bit ago, but earlier this year, I added 2 machines to the fleet. The one that I posted the Serial Number tag from, that I mentioned, to me at least, it’s a bit special. It’s a 1979 1650. Last model year for the Quietline, and a One-Owner before I...
  9. snicklas

    582 stuck clutch

    A 12 horse, stick with side panels..... that a 1200...... LOL
  10. snicklas

    Who Made It??

    With that tag, it's a CCC (MTD) era machine. An IH Produced machine would have a tag that looks like this: Notice the difference. The IH ones actually say International Harvester. The CCC (MTD) ones just say Cub Cadet. Another difference I have seen is the IH ones say Chicago, Illinois...
  11. snicklas

    LGT 1054 shredded drive belt

    Verify both pulleys are straight, and no knicks, missing chunks, no bends. Also make sure they are still aligned. Make sure the engine and transaxle are still bolted securely in place, the engine doesn't move and the transmission doesn't rock. A belt shredding almost "instantly" should be...
  12. snicklas

    582 DEAD. Cannot get starter to turn.

    Normally, the 4th (small) terminal is a ground. The 3 post are grounded through the case. So if you were to try one, and left the one terminal open and it didn't work, I would run a jumper from the 4th terminal to a clean mounting screw......
  13. snicklas

    582 DEAD. Cannot get starter to turn.

    My opinion, bypass it and get it moved. How long it takes you to fix it... well that depends on how busy you are..... Most safeties were put in as time went on, mainly due to legislation and to prevent a company from being sued because "I did something stupid and now you have to pay" Main...
  14. snicklas

    Ideas on 129 hydro performance

    Here is another perspective...... Dad and I, combined, own 11 Cub Cadets, 10 IH Produced, and 1 2020 ZT1-54.... of that count we have 11 Hydros and 0 Gear Drive. We have owned 1 Gear Drive, a 124, and had more issues with the clutch on it than we ever have with a hydro. The only major...
  15. snicklas

    Ideas on 129 hydro performance

    I agree with Hydro.... not sure what you are shooting for. All we run are hydro’s in wide frames. They are all 14ho or larger engines, and I have never had an issue with lack of hydro power to move the tractor. You will spin the tires, or maybe even kill the engine (did that once when...