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2016 Blunier Fall Plow Day - Roanoke, IL - 10/29/16

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Aug 4, 2006
Steve Blunier "Mr. Plow" (Central IL)
Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke, IL (25 miles east of Peoria)

Saturday October 29nd with usual Friday night plowing on the 28th.

No rain date

Maybe I'll have my engine rebuilt for the 5th time by then so I can blow it up!
If things work out I'll come watch Ricks engine show
<strike>DATE CHANGE!!!!!</strike> MOD EDIT: CHANGED Thread title and dates in both of Steve's post, they have the correct dates.

Plow Day will be Saturday 10/29/16, with usual Friday night plowing on the 28th.

There will be no rain date.

(High School Marching band schedule was released tonight and I found out I need to be in St. Louis at Band of America competition on the 22nd.)

Please update your calendar/plans and sorry for any confusion.


Blocking off my work calendar a week in advance so I'm not flying when I should be loading (like I was for RPR this week!)
Count some Stertz's in for a road trip to the Peoria area in the late fall! We are looking forward to it!
Hey Steve. I just went through this thread from the beginning and you posted the same date as the new plow day. Did I miss read something? October28/29 correct?

Please straighten me out. Thank you!! Wouldn't want to miss it!
Brian, I had corrected the thread title and the initial post for Steve to reflect the corrected date which is Friday/Saturday October 28/29th with NO rain date after he learned of the Marching Band dates. If I recall he initially he had a rain date listed that or the original date was the 21/22 with the 28/29 being the rain date, I forget which it was. In any case the date on the thread title and the info in Steve's first post are the correct dates.
With all the cubs landing in my lap, I hope at least one will make the trip!! I'll be there at least.
A little bit of a story to this one, bear with me, it is plow day related.

My Dad is turning 80 years old this week on Thursday. I am at a loss what to get him as he already has all the tools and gadgets he wants and tells me "get me nothing". He grew up on the farm, they had dairy cows and farmed around 200 acres. I got to thinking that he would get a kick out of seeing these garden tractors plowing. So I thought he and I would make the trip to Roanoke, IL.

Would someone be willing to let him have a turn or two on their tractor if I get him to Plow Day on 10/29?
Kevin, Let me be the 1st.
He can have a turn on whatever I bring and there will be more than one of 'em.
Just look me up, I'll have the brown Ram 3500 w/Lance camper and a flatbed trailer.
Same here! Hope you cab both go out at same time then. Hopefully you'll be seeing my 08 red f150. Not sure which trailer I'll be pulling. Either a 5x10 foot single axle or 83 inch x 16 foot tandem
That"s how I got Steve Shaff hooked
He and I think his father in law attended a Bluiner plow day and he and I got to talking.
I offered him a couple of rounds and soon he had his own.
It"s wat plow days all about
Good times and FUN!!!!

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