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Lincoln, Illinois Plowday, October 23, 2021

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Bill Riley

New member
Oct 12, 2021
Springfield, IL
With the lack of local plow days, I've decided to go ahead and have my own. it will be October 23, 2021, at 1502 Forest Hills Road, Lincoln, IL. Rain date will be October 30. Plowing to start at 9am-ish and go until we're too tired or run out of land. There will be bathroom facilities (portapotty), but not planning on serving food or drink, so bring your own or head to the fast food just a mile or so away. Feel like golfing, there's a course across the street.

I'm a Deere guy but have been a member on here since 2005 (briley). Couldn't get logged in under that user-name so I created a new one. Hope to see a bunch of IH's and Cubs at the PD. Not sure how many deeres there'll be as I announced the PD on WFM Saturday and its been nothing but crickets.