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Blunier Plow Day - 2018 - Roanoke, IL - Oct. 19th & 20th

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Aug 4, 2006
Steve Blunier "Mr. Plow" (Central IL)
Blunier Plow Day will be held in Roanoke, IL at the Blunier Farm on October 19th (Friday night plowing ~5:00-9:00) and Saturday 20th (main event) 9:00AM to ~2:00PM.

All makes/brands of GT's welcome....38 acres of IL black dirt to plow!

Chilli dinner Friday evening (bring dessert or side dish - optional) during night plowing and BS session following.

Lunch will be available on site Saturday (likely 4-H club food stand).

Using Google Maps: "1582 County Road 1300N, Roanoke, IL 61561"

Longest running GT plow day...."The one that started it all!"

I’ve been lurking on the site for awhile but I still keep an eye on what’s going on. Still turning earth and wrenching on GT’s up here in Cheddar country. Yesterday, my son Caleb and I finished a back half of his nearly completely original 125. It needed a new hydro gasket and so I figured that we would replace the very worn driveshaft and couplers while we were at it. Charlie helped us out with parts and now we are back in business! We had intended on restoring it at one point but it is such a clean and complete original that it will stay that way! As a wise man said, “there are lots of restored GT’s out there but to find a well preserved one—now that’s rare and it’s only original once!” Not to get too far off topic, the Stertz clan is planning to come down to your Plow Day Once again this year. I’m hoping to have my 582 set up by then. Can’t wait to see ya’ll again. It was great catching up with Dave S at Portage. Caleb has been enjoying reading the book you gave him Dave—thanks!
Josh, Tell him he is most welcome.
I'll have the flat full when we come to Steve's so he can pick out a few more. Maybe he will become a history buff!! Have him research Stephan Ambrose the author. He writes history as if it were a great novel, only better, because it's all true!!
A couple of videos to whet your whistle for this upcoming plowing season. This first one is of Steve on his Turbo smoker. The video quality isn’t great because it is a night shot but if nothing else, turn up the volume on your device and listen to that diesel work!!!


This one I took from the seat of GhostRider as I was driving in for the prize giveaway. Lots of people and rigs are in this video watch for yourself or your tractor...


Plowing at the Blunier Farm is always a great time and Both Caleb and I are looking forward to it again this year. I’m also planning on bringing my second son Judge for the first time this year!
I look forward to seeing you again Josh, on the fence about what I'm plowing with. Hoping work eases up on Saturdays so I can get my shed put up, garage empty and the tractors set.
Me too Earl! Looking forward to visiting with you again as well! I’ll be bringing The Mule (100) and Likely Caleb’s Grizzly. Then, if I can get the 582 set like I would like, I’ll bring it as well. Keep us posted as we go down the stretch what rig you are putting together for the big day!
So.....Mr. Plow
the boys over here in southeast Iowa are runnin with the combines,
Startin to get the itch,
How's the crop lookin, !!!!!!
Beans will probably come off within 2 weeks, weather dependent. Central IL crops are on time and harvest has started.

Hoping for a new "command post" for plow day. Big Steve is putting up a new shop building and if all goes well it will be up for PD!!!!
Just had to stir the dirt....
Get to work getting ready Ladies and Gents.!!!!
Started cutting beans yesterday,,,,,
Beans are off plow day field.....65 bu/acre!

Cut on angle to help manage trash for plow day.....combine did a nice job spreading straw.
Other 2 fields made 72 and 75 bu/acre...good beans this year! Whole farm averaged just under 69 bu/acre!

It will be good for the straw to sit for a while before we are on it.....settle it in and take out the "fluff".....a couple good rains will do it good....
Good thing the beans came off before the combine broke......back running again, but biggest mess I've dealt with in a while.....pics soon.....
2.5" in the last 4 days.....but it has been really dry, so don't get worried!!!
Counting down!!!!

Steve, My uncle from O'Fallon, MO will be attending although w/o a tractor. He can use one of mine. He has a camper unit like mine and will probably be in there sometime Friday.
I will be there late Thursday afternoon if that's OK w/you, so if you need any help setting up...…..

Ernie is just getting into the hobby and has an interest in Allis Chalmers GT's. I hope you will make him welcome. He has picked up 3 of them this past summer along with a few attachments as well. He is currently searching for a decent trailer to haul 3 or more GT's on safely. He is also a retired OTR trucker as am I.

I will have the coffee pot on early Friday AM so bring your cup, and is welcome to come a knocking on my door!!

See you all in a few days!!

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