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Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke , IL October 24th & 25th, 2014

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Aug 4, 2006
Steve Blunier "Mr. Plow" (Central IL)
The Bi-Annual Blunier Plow Day in Roanoke, IL (Just east of Peoria) will be held October 24th and 25th with Rain Date of October 31st and November 1st.

As always, we will have Friday night plowing, bull session, and chili meal and Saturday plowing from 8:00AM until mid-afternoon.

37 acres of good IL black dirt to plow!!!

All brands welcome!!!!
ALWAYS a good time...make plans now to attend this one, looking forward to being there,Thanks Steve...
I would love to come to that. But I may be trying to get crops off lime spread compost hauled or fall tillage work. Unless it rains I doubt I could make it. Be nice if I could and bring that OT tractor I am building out for a few rounds. I will try to keep it in mind though. Jim
I hope to have the 149D running by then and a truck to bring it down with. I can give it it's maiden workout.
Challenge accepted! Now... which one's to hook the plow(s) up to.....
Took vacation for both weekends just in case! Don't want to miss this get together for sure. Hopeful to have both cubs out there again this year if all goes well!
I've got this on the calender along with my friend Corey.
We'll bring out 3-4 Cubs.
Looking forward to this, Steve! Hoping to bring my 73 and 100!
I'm gonna try to make it this year, too. Seeing my folks live about 10-15 miles away from the plow site makes it easier to explain to the better half.

Maybe a super smoker in tow........
Planning to load up and come on down for this! Hoping to bring my son, a pair of cubs, my cousin, his boy, and a pair of CASE GT's. Now I just need to make sure that I can find a big enough flat trailer to borrow! Can't wait to catch up with some of the guys we met at BC last fall and also to meet some new friends!
Dave--Looking forward to catching up with you again! Planning to bring the QL's again?

Steve--How many PD's have you hosted now? Meaning is this BPD VI?

Jeff--Too bad you gotta slave away that weekend! It would be awesome to see ya again!

Rick--Are you bringing your son down to this one? Looking forward to plowing with you and Corey again. Did he ever find a 982 for his collection?

Hopefully the weather is good and the soil just right to roll some central Illinois dirt!
We have been talking about it already. If he can get off of work he will be coming down. His "White Knight" Case is an awesome plowing machine. If he is able to come, I want to make sure we get Blunier some seat time on that thing to see what he thinks!
This fall will make the 9th GT plow day the Blunier's have hosted.

Spring '01, Fall '01,'02,'04,'06,'08,'10,'12.....and finally 2014.

Spring '01....


John, we turned all 35 or 43 acres black including end rows. You get some hardcore guys that want to plow. It's great!!! Not sure on the acreage(Big Steve is going to crack me for not remembering) but its a great plowday.