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Fall Plow Day 2012 - Blunier's - Roanoke, IL

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Steve, I also wanted to give thanks to you for a great day. I've been to several plowdays and this one had some of the better plowing that I've seen for sure.
My family had such a GREAT TIME! Huge thanks to the Blunier family and friends, Buba(Chris), Big Steve, Wendy, Mr Plow, Monica the 4-H kids and everyone else involved! Sorry if I forgot any names.

It was a real challenge to get two tractors out there and running but it was worth every bit of time to make it happen. BOTH plows are graphite painted and waiting for next year where ever that may be. Kathleen(my oldest daughter) even made a rare appearance this year and got on a tractor. Who would have thought that would happen?!?!

Any how, sorry no pictures from me this time....I plowed my new camera under. Wife was not real happy bout that.
Brian, maybe it will turn up in a couple years like the phone Caleb found,!!
Brian now you have something to look forward to next year....plowing up your camera

Paul thanks for the photos
Jeff- Too bad that won't get me out of trouble today.

Anyone remember who was having the plow day this coming weekend that was out that same way or where it was at? They made the anouncement right after the raffle........I have one more camera left.
Brian, the plowed day your asking about is Iowa City, West Branch, There is a thread running on it here on the forum,
BRIAN - Shhhh You have to keep this a secret from KRAIG..... but the secret to NOT losing your camera at a PD is to leave it on the seat of your truck like I did @ PD @1. Plus I was having so much fun meeting everybody, BS-ing, and looking over everyone's Cubbies I never even missed it until I got all loaded up and back in the truck to leave!

But don't tell KRAIG, he likes to get copies of everybody's pic's for safe keeping.
"The Illinois Boys" ride again.....

How did the two plow set up work out and did you use the 2072.

any pics of it in action
Here is what happens when your Super Hydro Diesel runs out of fuel and is left unattended. A lil gear drive plows you in!
I just wanted to take a minute and say I had a blast last friday and saturday. I honestly have not had that much fun in a long time. Thanks to the Bluniers for all the effort it takes to put this thing together. See ya tomorrow at Dyersville.
Don't mean to be nosey here...but....
What's going on there?
Plow day tomorrow at West Branch, IA....
Planning on going to that.....if it ain't raining..
Am I missing something at Dyerville?
Dave s
National Farm Toy Show....the "Big Daddy" of the farm toy shows that all of us toy collectors flock to like a Mecca......
2 bottom did plow, and plow well! It was hooked to my 2072, now painted like a 982 with black frame.

See archive pics from a few pages back.....

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