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Glad to be here. Cub fever lead to a lucky find.

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Justin Fairfax

New member
Jun 6, 2022
Hi everyone, glad to be a part of this forum.

First post even though I've had the account for a bit. I got a 125 last spring/early summer out of curiosity for these pre-MTD Cub Cadets. Turns out that needed quite a bit of work to be reliable. Well, after a 149 that had a beat to smithereens engine situation, I ended up with a 1250 and 129. I then decided to use the 1250 as a mower for the rest of the year because I loved the extra weight when mowing. The 129 came in real handy when winter came since it had chains and a front blade to plow the snow. I sold the 1250 just a couple weeks ago due to the typical Quite Line woes, as I now know thanks to this forum. Long story short my dad and I are putting a garden in this year. I ended up with a 100 i'm going to use to pull a planter and cultivate between the rows, and another 149 that came with the rear lift, Brinly 12" plow, a well built home made agrifab vacuum, and to top it all off, a home built tiller that is shaft driven from a modified front mule drive. Normally i'm cautious of home made stuff if I don't know the person, but this thing seems like it should have been made for the masses (I'll have to get pictures within the next couple of days).

Now the reason I felt obligated to post. I was browsing Marketplace for a Cub 80 or 81, as I would like to get one for my dad (he just thinks they're super neat, can't say I blame him), when I saw a 169 posted about an hour away from me. Never thought i'd see another one (I had only seen a basket case one listed in PA last year and was intrigued by what the largest HP tractor IH made in that rough size). I ended up being able to get it. I plan on keeping/making it nice, and doing things like taking out the balance gears along with getting the Kirk Engines balance solution. I felt like I should post about it considering there weren't too many of them compared to others. On top of that, the guy I bought it from said he got it from an older lady that had bought it new. I don't know enough to make an educated guess, but it has all the right stuff to me. The hour meter even still works and is original to my knowledge. It runs excellent for not being truly restored or anything (someone sprayed it at some point, but didn't do a terrible job). It's really too bad they didn't continue the wide frames IMO. Below (hopefully) is a video of it running with a close up of the hour meter, and a picture of the data plate/tag. I was wondering if you guys could clue me in on if the seat is correct or not?

Glad to be here, the info found on this site has helped immensely!


  • 169.mov
    10 MB
  • 20230418_203651.jpg
    1.3 MB · Views: 7
  • 20230418_183454.jpg
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Wow, glad to hear of your progress. You're gonna need a bigger garage at this pace! Y'know this forum is key to everything I've done in the past five years! Helpful people with lifetime experiences. More pics please 😉
Our sponsors at the top are great resources for any parts and accessories you might need as well.
I agree, just from what I've seen so far. I just ordered all the stuff to add headlights to my 100 from CC Specialties; and I ordered the Brinly sleeve hitch adapter from Xtreme Motor Works. I've seen a bunch of things that I would love to empty my wallet for, lol.
Wow, glad to hear of your progress. You're gonna need a bigger garage at this pace! Y'know this forum is key to everything I've done in the past five years! Helpful people with lifetime experiences. More pics please 😉
haha, I know! I have to keep toning back my expectations for what I can realistically get done. I'll definitely get more pictures tomorrow. I can't state enough how much of a help/good thing this site is.

Side note: A while back I saw the infamous post of the 149 going off an embankment between some trees. After I read how he was all good it was the funniest thing ever to me how perfectly it was perched on it's nose/face. Although, it really imprinted into my brain how important checking the hydro adjustments are, along with being aware.
Welcome to the forum!
It appears the seat is the correct one. Probably the original seat.