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10/22/22 Roanoke Illinois Plow Day

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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It’s like a big secret: if you didn’t attend, then it didn’t happen. I even checked on the greene guys‘ site, and there are only a few references. No pics, no videos there either, at least not when I checked.
Here is a couple pictures I took.


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  • image.jpeg
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Not a problem!
Just show up!
There were folks there from Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana that I know of.
This was my 4th trip with equipment. I'd venture to say there were between 50 and 75 rigs in the parade lap.
I know I counted over 50 earlier in the day before many showed up for the parade.
The crown dissipated quickly after that, I feel some just attend for that part.
The really dedicated folks showed up on Friday and plowed into the night after the supper chili feed.
John and I got there about 11:30 on Friday AM and were the 1st there.
See you all again in 2 years!
I was at the plow day. I failed to take pictures. Great turnout to a Great event.

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