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2016 Blunier Fall Plow Day - Roanoke, IL - 10/29/16

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What's the weather like down there today Steve? We are supposed to get 1.5" today up here. I sure hope you aren't getting that much down there!!!!
My first plowday tractor!

Check it out!
Still looks good after all these years!

Looks sharp John! Are you bringing that one this year?
Once you're loaded--
we want pictures!

Can't wait to see ya there Dave!
1/2" of rain today, but they are calling for lots of wind tomorrow. Not an issue yet.....

Corn head, bean platform, and wagon are put away as of 8pm this evening and tomorrow is clean stuff up day! Getting closer!!!!
782DT got a rear work light this evening too......nice bright LED fog light from good old wally world.....
Geez... I wish that I could go. Need to get things ready for winter though. Everyone have a fantastic Plow Day.
We'll miss not having you there Marlin for sure! I'm telling you, plan for it one of these years soon or it won't happen. I'll make sure to open a furrow in your honor!

Steve--that sounds good about the wind after the rain and about getting all the machinery to "bed" for the winter! Roger and his boys were feverishly working on finishing the plowing (with regular sized tractors) on Tuesday night because we ended up getting all that rain yesterday here. It rained none stop pretty much from 3am to around 10pm. So glad that we aren't trying to host a plow day here this weekend! I'm looking forward to checking out your LED plow light!

Well folks, the myself and the Wheatland won't be in attendance. Seems as though the "tow rig" (and I use that term loosely) has decided that it's gone from a 4-speed automatic to a 2-speed. Ironically this is the same slushbox that I just had rebuilt the week of the previous Plow Day at Steve's!
NOOOOOOO! Say it isn't so Wyatt! I hate automatic transmissions! I just dropped $3700 getting my Excursion back up and running! I feel your pain.
Sorry to hear the news Wyatt. Hope they warranty there work.

We've got some corn bread in the oven for tomorrow and plan on bringing some pickled hollerpenios (jalapenos) for those who like a little additional warmth to there chili.

Praying for safe travels for everyone!! Be safe out there.
Here Ya go Joshua!
Ready to Rock ad Roll! Gonna put 'er in the wind in the morning.
Gonna take it easy though, not gonna see much of the Monfort Lane on the way down the super slab!
That's the 126 in the foreground, sporting a blade. Thought He'd like to watch everyone else get down and dirty!!

David S.
Your DATING yourself with the "Monfort Lane" thing.
90% of the people in the world don't have a clue on what that is, LOL
I feel your pain Wyatt. I'm replacing right front ball joints on the f150 tomorrow, trailer tongue jack, and front tires on dad's 1450. Fun fun! Real early start on Saturday to get down on time.
Thanks Dave! Looking good. That enclosed trailer is the way to go. I just spent three hours with uncle Roger and Russell to get our six tractors and plows strapped down and set in place!!!! We are loaded and hitting the road early. We are planning to make the run to Moline and check out the JD pavilion and their Museum there before heading to Bluniers. I figure they will all have a fit when we pull in with a trailer sporting three IH Cubs, Two Cases, and One Wheel Horse. No green on this trailer! It will be a fun exhibit to check out. Then in the afternoon we are planning to go to the CAT museum in Peoria before the night plowing. See you tomorrow evening...

Thursday wasn't the drying day I had hoped for, but tomorrow is supposed to be great, so we should have too many issues......it might be a little tacky, but what Blunier PD hasn't had to deal with some sticky soil?!?!?!

Safety Message:

The field was harvested wet and has some ruts in places and a wet hole. Be careful around the ruts and stay out of the wet hole. I will be adjusting the layout of the lands accordingly, but use good judgement and please lift plows at the strike outs. Also, the south headland will be adjusted for a wet water way , please avoid the steep/wet area.

There will be areas of the farm roped off with caution tape, please respect the boundaries. Also, please do not enter any of the buildings.

Parking is set up like always and should be straight forward. Vendors can park in front of the corn crib, otherwise, everyone else please park on the west pasture.

Registration and Door Prizes:

These will be located on the east end of the barn. PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE YOU PLOW!!!!!

Door Prizes will be at NOON with Parade Lap to follow.

Parade Lap:

I will be adjusting the parade lap location due to the tile issue. Please do not open new lands between the marked off areas!!!

Safe travels to all, see you Friday evening/Saturday!!!

4 am comes pretty fast! The Stertz Boys will be leaving in about 45 min headed for the border! God bless you all with safety and efficiency as you head out whether today or in the morning! See you at Bluniers


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