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Blunier Plow Day - 2018 - Roanoke, IL - Oct. 19th & 20th

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Plow Day Update!!!!

Weather is looking good, ground is drying out, and while it will be cold...it looks like it will be sunny this weekend!!!!

Just a basic reminder: SAFETY is an absolute requirement for the event. Please think before you act and make safely operating, moving, loading, and working on equipment your top priority all weekend.

A few changes to the normal set-up.

1) Big Steve built a new shop, literally last week! It will serve as the operations base for plow day. Food stand and main information table will be located in the new shop. Please check in here after you show up. Porta Potty will be located near the new shop.

2) The area where the food stand used to be will be closed, as will all of the buildings except the new shop. I will tape off closed areas, and please honor the tape lines. A lot of stuff has been moved around on the farm due to the construction and we need to keep everyone safe.

3) Parking, vendor area, and parade lap will remain in the same locations as always.

4) Please access all areas of the event by crossing the lawn from the parking area to the vendor area and east side of the field, or by exiting the parking area to the north and driving on the end rows around the buildings. Avoid cutting through the buildings or across the center of the farm.

5) Friday night plowing: Late afternoon until around 7:30 or 8:00PM with chili supper to follow. Bring a dish to pass if you'd like. Plowing will be on the west side of the field as in years past. Note: I need to leave to attend my son's senior night at the football game, so please see Big Steve in the golf cart or Chris "Bubba" Engelking if you need anything.

6) We will do door prize donations at approx. 12:00 Noon on Saturday and the parade lap will immediately follow (in long rows just east of the farm buildings). This is a great photo opportunity.

There are 37 acres of black IL dirt to plow!!!!....Show up, have fun, be SAFE, and help us continue the tradition of the Blunier Garden Tractor Plow Day......"The one that started it all!"

Feel free to share this update and the original announcement below on other forums, etc.
Using Google Maps: "1582 County Road 1300N, Roanoke, IL 61561"


Black = night plowing
Blue = main event plowing
Green = Parade lap (do not plow until instructed to)
Red = End rows and parade access, do not plow

Red = Tractor traffic
Green = Parking
Yellow = stay out
Blue = Porta Potty
Purple = Vendors/display
Nice pics Paul. Is that a CCC 982 with the young man driving it? I don't think I've ever seen a y/w one.
I messaged Earl a couple days ago about the plow day (I've never been to one) but my plow & tractor aren't really set up yet, and he said it's a good 4hr one way trip....My wife said to plan on it next year.
Thanks for the pics
Thanks for posting for those who can't make it! Unfortunately Brian, Steve holds it every other year due to planting. But I'm hoping that Travis might have one in the spring! One can hope right?
Big thanks to everyone who came out to plow yesterday. Farm was in good shape and clean when everyone left....thanks for that!

4H had a good day and were able to make a profit to help them with their activities. Thanks to those who supported them!

Thanks to those who brought or sent door prizes, there was nearly something for everyone!

Hope everyone had a safe trip home, despite the ugly headwinds. See you all back in 2 years!

Thank you, Steve, for another great event this year...a fantastic job all around. My stepdad and I appreciate the time and effort you put into this and for your truly helpful suggestion regarding our plow adjustment cranks!
Thanks Steve, and to all your family, for once again hosting a great Plow Day!
Really sorry I had to miss this year, big tractor was priority this time. I would love to see how the Steiner worked in the field. Always loved the idea behind those. Hopefully we can make it next time.
Thank you to all the Bluniers that made this event possible. After a 14 year hiatus it was terrific to return to this wonderful and welcoming group of people. I had a great time and look forward to more 'dirt work' going forward!


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