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Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke , IL October 24th & 25th, 2014

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Steve--obviously I'm relatively new to the hobby and to GT plowing. So, I'm asking if you have any specific memories from that first plow day? What was the weather like? What were the soil conditions like? How many guys were there to plow? Who else was at you event in 2001 that is still active in the hobby and on the forum yet today? Do you have any more pictures that you'd like to share from that first year? I tend to be nostalgic and it is cool to see how things develop through the years!

Does anyone else have memories of that first Blunier GT plow day? What tractors were you plowing with etc?

Needless to say--I'm looking forward to plowing with the "Big Dogs"!

There were about 35 tractors there and we plowed 12 acres on Saturday morning. It was a little wet and cool, but not horrible.

My Grandfather and several of his friends were amazed that those little tractors could do so much.

Attendance (off the top of my head), Brian M., Kraig M., Chris E., Ken U. w/neighbor, Chris Bennett, John Prochel, Jim Bloomstrand, Dan Hoefler, Denny Frisk, Pat Irlbeck & Son, Travis S., Wyatt, and a few of the IN boys.........if I left you off I'm sorry....

Largest attendance?

We have over 75 tractors in the furrow 4 years ago....1/4 mile long line.



The field is 37 acres and it has been plowed black a time or two.

I usually have to deal with wet weather for some reason (Travis always gets lucky.......) but even when a little wet we have fun plowing.

To be really honest, most of us really never thought it would catch on like this....it was a chance to get together a play a little and meet a few on-line friends.......that started a huge group of spin-off events....and now they are everywhere!!!!

Travis S. holds the record for a PD. If I recall correctly we plowed 64 acres one weekend up at his place in IA around 2006.....great time with over 120 tractors in a line plowing!
Steve--thanks for the awesome pics and the detailed information. Hopefully the weather this year will be just perfect for plowing. It would be nice if we had just enough moisture (beforehand) to make the soil perfect for plowing. It would be great to have temps in the 50's too. That may be asking a bit much for that late in the season.

Mike--I'm planning at this point to bring that old 100. I really like plowing with that thing. Are you bringing your grease burner?
Yes, it needs to be this late to get the crops off. Some years the beans have only been cut for a week before the PD.

Crops have been delayed a bit due to the cool summer, so it will have the potential to be close this year.....may even still have corn to pick.

Perfect conditions are always the goal..........but I don't have much control over that. Time well spent on Sunday mornings from 10-11:00 AM is your best bet for the weather!!!!
DAVE - Steve & his family aren't running the "Half Century of Progress" show farm... they can't spray weed killer on the beans a month before PD so they die and can combine them.

Last fall corn and beans both were really late... most farmers combined them wetter than they liked and had to dry them down for storage which is a big part of why LP gas got up to $5/gal in the winter. Only one guy around here got ANY fall fieldwork done, right across the road from me... worked all day and all night to get it done while waiting for more of his corn to dry... which it never did.
Hi Jeff Baker.
I'm planning on being there. I look forward to plowing with ya.
Did you get your 169 all setup or are you bringing something else?
Looking forward to it.
I'm getting pumped up about the Plow Day!!! I sold my other 100 to my Cousin Russ and he is getting it set up for going to his first official PD!


He did some testing on his parents garden. Looks like he has a winner!
Josh the archive bug got you,
Mike I dont think Ill make it, no one at work can cover for me at this point.
Jeff B, you sound like your 30 or some days from catching a cold....cough cough!
Rick--I couldn't agree more!!! I can't wait to see you guys again.

Jeff--I'll try to repost those pics of Russell's 100 soon...
Russell's 100 ready to plow...


In his garden...


Doing a good job...


Needless to say, he is now really looking forward to plow day at Bluniers!
That's a nice 100 and plow setup. I can smell the dirt.......

Good idea on the hooky. Problem is, Jeff's already trying to find someone to switch with. If he called in sick, you'd hope a coworker wouldn't say something.
Jeff, you don't look like you feel well. Are ya running a fever?

Beans are within a week of cutting. 3/4 of leaves have dropped and by best estimate about 60% of the beans would test 13% or less....BUT, stems are still green in many places and lots of butter beans low on the stems, so they will wait for a while.........May poke around in them a little mid week and see how they go.

Combine (1978 IH 1460 w/17.5' 820 platform) is ready and parked 30' from field, waiting for the green light....as is the '79 IH 1700 S-Series grain truck!!!!
Steve--looking good! Another step closer to being ready for plow day

My cousins and my son are really looking forward to our weekend down there as am I!!

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