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Fall 2010 Plow Day - Blunier's - Roanoke, IL

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Well-known member
Aug 4, 2006
Steve Blunier "Mr. Plow" (Central IL)
<font size="+2">Blunier Fall Plow Day Announcement</font>

The Blunier's will once again host a fall plow day.

<font size="+2">Steve Blunier Farm, Roanoke, IL</font>
<font size="+2">Saturday Oct. 23rd - Rain Date Saturday Oct. 30th</font>

Friday night plowing as usual.

Please mark you calendars!!!!!
i will be there with my new to me IH 982. i can't wait!!! chris a
I'm gonna take a day off, best excuse I've had in a while.
I'll be there, hopefully have a tractor ready to go as well!
Brian B are U over on the eastside of the Badger state yet ? I was planning to go to Roanoke, but a wedding just popped into the schedule this past week.
I'm hoping for the rain date. Has been April Rockford PD ,since I plowed.I need to get

Been there and moved back(to MI). Wisconsin was a nice state but between the job not being what I was lead to believe and the cost of living being so high, we decided to move back home to Augusta.

We are planning to be at Steves for plow day at this point so we'll see how things go. Can't wait for some of that chile and corn bread!!!
Steve, I seen the talk on the main board, figured I'd ask. You still got that sled for pulling laying around?

Yes, it's still around, but after using Jim D's a few years back, i don;t know if I'm too thrilled about using a sled like this without hand rails etc. Jim's was very nice and easy to jump on and stand on....the old one we have would be more like everybody trying to skate board......not exactly promoting the "Safety First" theme that is required at these events....

we'll see......
Beans are cut (57 bu/acre) and straw was spread evenly......it will have a few weeks to dry out before we turn it under!!!!!

Good news, glad the harvest is going a little better this year. Can't wait for Plow Day.
They will be posted here prior to the event.

Zipcode is 61561 if you want a general idea (2 miles west and one mile south of Roanoke, IL)
Think this is the first time I'm not working on a tractor the night before a PD trying to get it ready haha.