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Lewis, wow! That looks to be in great condition. Very nice find.

Thanks for the info ; you got the luck finding tractors and attachments. I would love to have a tiller and a sickle bar cutter . some day I hope to find them . I do have a planter, lol.
Thanks for the info on trunion and the damper springs. That link was great. I didn't connect the title of FAQ #14 with my issue. The link had pretty much all info that was needed.
Thanks again.
Great sight
Earl LaMott
Don T

we do have one of each of those,but that is for another place on the forum.
I do go to ME once and a while.
Pulled the head today on the 100 as it was leaking,has a lp head on it.

Tomorrow's repair project...
thanks for the warm welcome. Already beginning to wonder "who owns who" in regards to this little tractor....
Thats a nice 1000, does it have lights
and I have its seat twin at home lol
No lights, Jeff (yet)... Seat was at top of list when I bought but keeps sliding down the list as other issues arise... Discovered that the lever to lift deck and tiller slips when tiller is attached, so that is my next fix. Also, I can't get belt that runs from gear box to tiller to stop slipping.