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Archive through September 07, 2014

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Aug 21, 2004
Jim Storma
Finally got some time to post a few pictures of my latest find. I picked this up begining of August. My first gear drive, a 128.

I do need to put some work into the clutch. The friction disk holes are baddly wore. Probably just hanging in there. I'm sure if I was pulling something with it; the friction disk would let go real quick.

Shifter handle works great and I can find all the gears in it with ease unlike that 582 I was looking at earlier. Engine fires right up, idles nice and does not leak or use any oil. I like the mechanical PTO and will need to get rid of the chain and change it back over to the factory adjustable linkage sometime in the future.

Sheet metal is nice and straight. Looks like a well kept machine.




Great find Jim! Wait till Jeff Baker sees this!!! The 1x8 and 1x9 series are regarded by many as some of the best all around cubs ever made. That is awesome and I look forward to watching as you get it set up for workin!

Good buy!
Dang,,, Josh read my mind,, Jim that is nice, my first cub was a 128,,
Way to go! My first cub was/is a 128 too. Now you know what you have to do, refurbish it! You can refurbish it and have it ready to plow for the spring.

Here are a few pics of mine.



Joe O--Thanks. Everything is there and the spindles always spin fine when in tact. The bolts are plenty tight but can sometimes loosen up over time for some reason...at least we think that's the problem. I guess we should get in the habit of checking the bolts for tightness every time we grease the spindles.
Thanks guys for all your input on the GD PTO situation. Steve you gave me a lot to think about as far as the "co dependency" of the PTO and drivetrain. That would be a bummer to stop and start both forward progress and an attachment always at the same time... Marty---some super nice looking machines!!! i like your muffler pipe on that 128!

I decided to buy the 100 with the PTO and it will be for my Second son, Judge!


Here he is proud of his "new" old machine!


This pic is especially for Marlin H and PWR!

It is a clean mostly "restified" tractor. There are certainly some non original items that I can/could change along the way but I like much of it as it is. I have to get rid of that stupid straight pipe though--TOO LOUD! I'll open a thread for it elsewhere on the site so you can monitor some of the add ons and changes that we will make. We are calling it, "The Mule"!
Picked up my first cub (and first garden tractor) last week. Its a QuietLine 1000 with 44" mower deck and 2-B Tiller.

pictures to follow once i figure out how to shrink them to fit.
Brad R--
to the forum! This is a great resource for all things Cub. Beware, these things are addictive. Just like the potato chip ad, "you can't just have one!"

The 1000 is a durable great little GD (gear drive) tractor and that tiller is awesome for garden work! Have fun with it and spend some time looking at the FAQ's at the top of this page!
I am putting a cork gasket on my 129 and while it is apart I found that the transmission linkage in the cam assembly (plate assy-damper) that holds the spring is warn down. I was thinking of rebuilding the bracket that holds the spring, but I am not sure how much I should build up. Does anyone know how big the hole should be or how wide the ends should be.
I am not sure if I explained the part very clear. I could not find a name for this part. I know that if it is warn down the tractor jerks when you try to change directions.
Any help greatly appreciated
Earl LaMott
Great pictures Everyone!!!

Congratulations Joshua S. You'll love that tractor. The rear ptos are neat little items. When I get the time Clarence will be fitted with a home made Cat O three point and then I hope to find some gearboxes and make either a tiller or a rear flail type mower for him.

I've been busy between mowing lawns on the weekends, I finally got the Keepsake 1650's electric pto clutch fixed. Turned out to be a bad coil. Thank goodness I had a spare from Fandy's 1650's original engine. When I put the tractor back together I made two neoprene gaskets to fit in between the space where the grill mounts to the frame. Those two gaskets made a huge world of difference in noise and vibration of the hood. Fancy's 1650 gets the same treatment this weekend so I'll take some pictures of what I did to quiet the Keepsake 1650.

Welcome Brad R.

One other thing you might consider is removing any wobble in the cam plates themselves. I order shims from McMaster-Carr.com and it takes 5/8" for the trunion shaft and 1/2" for the pivot shaft on the lower cam plate. They come in many different thicknesses so I'd advise getting some thick and thin in order to acquire a good fit. The lower cam plate shaft also has a nylon bushing that the sponsors above can provide if yours is badly worn.

Good luck!
Guys, Charlie's site has heim joints for Low Boy for the steering rod between the front wheels. What I need is a joint that uses what looks like 1/2" threaded end for the rod between each front wheel. ( PN/ IH-529430-R1 USE IH-529430-R2 ) . What size is the threads on these joints ??

Getting an order ready and need to get this straight before I order the wrong size. Thanks Don T
Allen Schumacher

Well I guess I will have to spend some $$ on the phone call for a friend with Cubs to help him out.I did think there was Low Boy knowledge out there and someone might know the size of the thread.
I picked up this nice package deal yesterday,a few winter,yes,it will be here,cub stuff.A 100 with creeper,lights,fenders,3 point,and spring assist,a snow cab,snow thrower and a few other non winter items.