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Archive through July 24, 2014

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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The Narrow Frame 3 Point Hitch I posted below on Aug 8 is no longer available.

I now have the following Narrow Frame 3 Point Hitch (sometimes called Rear Lift) for $125 plus $28 shipping.

It fits all Narrow Frame tractors except the Original.

If you want the Frame Adapter (sorta C shaped item on the left) required for 126, 127 and 147 tractors, it's an extra $25.

If you want the silver colored pin (shown inserted into the cast lever) which is used to connect a Brinly Adapter, it's an extra $10.

Click on the Blue Letters in my name and you'll see my e-mail address (and my 169 Queen).

<font color="ff0000">Price Drop!!</font>

Hydraulic Lift (From a 782, but will fit others)


Hoses are in great shape. No leaks that I can see on the cylinder. Includes hard lines that go to hydro pump.

$175 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48
60" Haban Deck for Super Cubs. It is in good shape but could use paint. It had a few cracked welds I ground out and welded up. I have all the attaching parts except the main drive Belt. $300 picked up in North Central WI.

For Sale:
Cub Cadet 169
Your best chance at buying this before I change my mind. A father-son project came up so I'd like to free up funds.
EZ restoration, intact frame and good tin. Solid tractor with Hyd. lift. Everything works and it runs strong.
All the 169 special stuff is there.
Original paint, not great, but tin is straight. Wrong tail lights, cork gasket leaks (New gasket included.)

I do not believe in taking parts off of tractors and selling a bare hulk. You get it loaded with this:
New BK trencher AG tires
Newer Vredestain 5 rib fronts
Rear weights (1) set
Newer seat, perfect
New? battery...pretty sure
Rear lift (no Brinly stuff inc.)
Cigarette lighter
*Spare ported rear if you want it

Nice opportunity to get a complete and operating 169 with the goodies.
$1200 not negtiable, the extras make it well worth the price.
Pictures and vids if seriously interested.
Pick up only in Monticello, Iowa
I have the motor and hydrostatic rear end from a red International Cub Cadet model 1282. I would like 200.00 dollars each.
I can take to the Portland show next weekend.
Hubcap Heaven!

Rear Baby Moons (as would be found on a 82-series) $15


<FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> Hubcaps Set #1 $125



<FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> Hubcaps Set #2 $145
This is the nicest set of the bunch, although one of the fronts has a decent crease in it.



<FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> Hubcaps Set #3 $60 (Rears only)



<FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> Hubcaps Set #4 $125



All sets can be shipped for $12/set
The NF 3-Point Hitch I posted below on 8/12 is sold pending payment.

Still have the NF Hydraulic Lift Option posted on 8/10. These are really hard to find and for this one you have to make your own bracket to attach to the rock shaft. I think it's usually done by cutting the armstrong lift handle off. $300 plus shipping for this hard to find NF Hydraulic Lift Option (and you can always make an offer).
It look like all of the <FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> hubcaps are sold. The 82-series "baby moons" are still available, but a couple of guys have asked about them, so they may be gone soon as well.
I have a 10 hp kohler k241-46264d for sale, it runs. $200 cash only, location: Remington, IN

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