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Parts For Sale Quiet Line Headlight Assembly and Tail Lights (really hard to find)

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Jul 22, 2007
Harry Bursell
So much discussion recently about Quiet Lines and Wide Frames (1x8/9 series) I dug out my stash.

This is a nice original IH Cub Cadet "Quiet Line" series Head Light and Tail Light Assembly that fits the following
IH Cub Cadet Garden Tractors:
Models: 1650, 1450, 1250, 1200, 1000, 800 (and may be used on a Model 1100).

Includes the following items all of which you see in the pics. Click on the pics so you can see full size images.
- reconditioned upper grill screen for head lights
- 2 reconditioned rubber head light bulb mounting rings
- 2 brand new in the box head light bulbs (I like the original glass incandescent appearance better than the LED)
- 2 new #1895 tail light bulbs
- reconditioned IH emblem for upper grill screen
- ground wire with pigtail for head light bulbs
- positive wire with pigtail and connector for head light bulbs (small fray in insulation taped over near connector)
- 2 original tail light base mounts
- 2 original tail light lenses with no cracks (but do have some very light scratches).

These tail light lenses are really hard to find. They have some light scratches but no cracks and are really quite nice. Also, these are the original REFLECT-O-LITE branded lenses (stamped on the surface) original to the Quiet Line tractors (not the later Bargman brand replacements that you mostly see around now. I've included some pics best I could get so you can see the REFLECT-O-LITE name on the lenses. The base mounting plates also are stamped with the REFLECT-O-LITE name but oddly enough one was made with brass and one with steel. Both have the same part number stamping. The one made with brass parts also has "Pat.Pend." stamped on it and I think it is the newer of these styles.

If the Correct Police are ever checking your Quiet Line tractor these are the correct lenses they will want to see.

You'll have to provide your own switch, which is still available, and the fuse holder. There may or may not be a wire and connector in your harness to connect to the fuse holder under your dash. Your original wiring harness should have the positive wire with the plug to provide power to the head light bulbs. The wire connection to the switch is usually taped over to the harness inside the dash. The other end of the wire for connection to the bulbs is usually tucked up under the frame area close to where the engine starter is located. You'll also have to provide your own pigtail wire for power to the tail lights.

Note the #1895 tail light bulb is correct. The IH Operators Manual for Quiet Line Tractors has a mis-print calling out size #67 which is actually way to large. You could use either an #1895 or #57 (not #67).

$150 gets you everything you see as described. I'll pay the ride to any lower 48 State. Payment by PayPal Friends and Family is preferred but we can discuss others.

I'll entertain selling just the tail light lenses and base mounts separately but they will be costly.


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Well, because they are original "Reflect-O-Lite" lenses I would sell the complete tail light assembly (lenses with base plates) for $75.
As I said before, these are what the Correct Police check for.

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