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Aug 23, 2002
William Best
I haven't posted for quite a while, but now have decided to sell my Cub Cadet parts. I have some original IH hydro oil filters in the IH boxes. $20 each. I have a three point hitch assembly for wide frame for $200. I have engine parts, engine tin, oil pans, starters (not S/G) for Quiet Lines and 82 series, electric PTO's, various gaskets, some tail lights and head lights. I have one Original hood ornament, wheels and tires for both front and rear. I have a good mower deck for a 100 model. I have headlight switches for Quiet Line, PTO elect switches, manual PTO parts, rear fender for wide frame, 1 radiator (just kidding). I am sure there are many other parts that I can't remember about. I restored my first CC 100 in 1975, so that is why I can't remember. Some of you can understand that. Don't know how many CC's that I have bought, worked on, restored, traded, sold through the years. Same for snow blades, plows, cultivators, sleeve hitches, decks. Just remembered, I have a new set of spindle bearings for a 50 inch deck, some mounting brackets and hitch pins. I even sold one of my 982 Super's, I'm keeping the other one. I gave my 1972 Scout to my Grandson. I just sold three trailers, a #2, #3 and a #4. I still have the #1 (it's for sale), a #2 and a #4, not sure if I am going to sell them or not at this time. I also gave my Cub Loboy to my Grandson as he has over 5 acres to mow. Call or email if you have questions. 765-720-7237. It have been fun and I have met many good Cubbies over the years. Enjoyed driving the Cubs in the local parades and throwing out candy--OK, OK I admit I did eat some of it. Thanks for the memories and looking forward to meeting new friends.

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