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INACTIVE 1970 Cub Cadet 147 - Excellent condition, needs a little care

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Mark Madere

New member
Nov 24, 2021
Time to say goodbye to my faithful Cub Cadet 147 after 26 years.

Up for sale is my 1970 International Cub Cadet 147. I bought her back in 1995 after she was refurbished. She has been extremely reliable for the past 26 years, but now needs some attention. Looking at the attached photos, you can see she is in exceptionally good condition for a 51 year old tractor. The model 147 is very rare and hard to find, and finding one in such great condition as the one I have up for sale is a once in a lifetime find. It is very hard for me to part with her, but I have too many projects and not enough time left to do them all. One photo shows 1972 written on the hood cross support, but she is a 1970. The 147 was made 1969 to 1971 according to internet search. Note from purchase has 1970 as provided to me when I bought her back in 1995.

Recent maintenance:

- Carburetor rebuilt and fuel system completely flushed.

- Sparkplug, air filter, engine breather and gaskets - replaced

- Tractor serviced regularly on oil changes and filters.

- New front wheel bearings. Extra sets of bearings also come with tractor.

- All (3) deck spindles replaced summer 2021 and are original brand new Cub Cadet old-shelf-stock, not

after market. These (3) spindles cost me around $800 and were not easy to find.

- Very well maintained. All 7 zerks lubed before each cutting session.

- Tractor always cleaned after each use and stored inside water proof shed. Minimal rust, and the little

there is, is surface only.

- Battery is charged and good, but removed to keep on trickle charge. Not shown in some photos, but

does come with tractor.

I have a selection of new and lightly used parts that come with tractor, including: filters, belts, gaskets, points, condenser, spark plugs, bearings, new OEM dash panel metal decal, spare brand new after-market carburetor, and more. Metal fuel tank replaced, due to leaking, with a plastic tank from a local

Cub Cadet dealer. I have the original glass bowl from the original tank. I have the original IH service manuals for the tractor and the Kohler engine, both in excellent condition. I have the original rear wheels with turf-tread tires mounted. The current rear wheels are Cub Cadet with 23" lug tires in very

good condition. Extra set of rear wheels/tires come with the tractor.

Tractor has a custom built 1" receiver that also works as a 3-point hitch for a rear Brinley blade. The Brinley rear blade can be set with the rear blade or can be configured to use the heavy duty cultivating tines setup. All of that comes with the tractor. There are also front blade heavy duty custom mounts for a front plow. One is currently mounted and can be seen in photos, the other comes with the tractor. In

addition, the front plow, which came off of a Cub Cadet 107 also comes with the tractor. I have the

rear wheels, front axle and wheels, and some sheet metal such as rear fenders for the Cub Cadet 107

that also comes with the 147 I am selling.

This is what the tractor needs:

- Rear transaxle has light leak on the rear gasket. I have an OEM gasket and will provide with tractor.

Rear hyrdrostat axle and pump are good, no issues.

- All (3) blades need replacing. Deck is a 42" cut, which I thought was 38" and purchased the wrong

blades. The new 38" deck blades are on her now and I have the older blades that come with the

tractor. Correct blades are: Center blade is 22", outers are 10.75". Current new blades on tractor

are Cub Cadet brand, center 20" and outers 10". Does cut with the current new blades, but will

leave some strips requiring a second pass.

- Steering gear box has a little slop, works fine, but could use some adjusting.

- Kohler 14hp K321-A engine is needing a rebuild. Engine runs and drives, but showing its age under

cutting load. I have a complete engine gasket kit that comes with the tractor. Internal governor may

need replacing. She will start and drive on a trailer. I shut her down immediately after she started

showing some fluttering 2 weeks ago to avoid any engine damage.

This is not a neglected, rusted out tractor that will take 1000's to restore. This an exceptionally well

maintained 147 that does need some attention, but will not require a big expense to bring her back

to full strength. I have meticulously cared for her, and now need someone else to keep her up and

provide the same high level of maintenance.

I am asking $1400 for everything - Cub Cadet 147, all parts for the 147, front plow, rear blade/tines set,

and the Cub Cadet 107: rear wheels, front axle & wheels, original engine (unknown state), fenders, sheet metal. If interested in part or all, please contact me and we can discuss what of the lot you want and pricing. To aid in calculating shipping, I am in Dripping Springs, TX. 78620. Buyers pays for shipping and pickup by shipper. Prefer the tractor to not be scrapped out for parts, she's a solid tractor that just

needs a new owner to get her back to full health. Thanks for your considerations.


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Hi Mark, any updates on the sale of your 147?
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