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Archive through July 24, 2014

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Well-known member
Sep 24, 2007
Hammond, WI
Brian Albrecht
Got bit by the archive bug.

Tiller listed below is spoken for. Today's garage clean out items:

CCO grille, brace and metal emblem. No breaks in anything but a few of the wires around the edge could be straightened and it needs sandblasting and painting. $65 shipped USPS to the lower 48


Headlight set for a 71,1X2, 123. Headlight panel has some surface rust on the front. Two of the mounting posts are great, two have a rub spot where the corner clamps rubbed the post. I don't think that will impact installing it, but I'll include two extra corner clamps to use as a an extra spacer if the nut needs to be higher out on the post. Bulbs work, but have yellow over spray on them. Tail light has a new bulb and I'll include a new lens because the original has some scratches. I added some solder where the pigtail goes into the light because a couple of the wires had started to fray. I'll include a new pigtail wire that you can use instead if you wish (sorry about the yellow, I couldn't find a red one). Tail light has one small dimple in it on the bottom (see picture) and the bracket could use to be straightened (see picture). Light switch tested good for continuity but is missing the correct spacer washer and has some yellow paint on it. I've added two machine bushings which will work to install it, but are not correct appearance wise. $130 for the set shipped USPS to the lower 48. Higher resolution images available, email in profile. Thanks -Brian

1980 IH 782 Cub Cadet with 18hp Kohler Magnum and 44" mower. Tractor also has the front hydraulics.
In 2012 tractor freshened up with new paint, tires, weights, 3 point hitch added, and any and all problem issues corrected.
Mower has been freshly rebuilt and powder coated.

A complete list of work completed is available upon request.

$1995, in Rockford, IL

FOR SALE Rubber seat for a Cub Cadet Original, 70/100 through 73. This came off a 72 and is in very good condition. Check out the Forum discussion for July 21 - 22 for more information and pictures. $45 plus actual shipping cost from 60098. It weighs 13 pounds. I would consider trading for a very good or better metal pan seat for Original, 70/100 through 73. Contact me through my profile.
The 1200 listed a few nights ago in my listing has been sold pending payment.
1974 cub cadet 128 - $300 in new Cumberland pa 17070

picked this up a few weeks ago and haven't done anything really with it.. no real interest in the wide frames ..it has of course a 12hp kohler engine, and 3sp gear shift rear..was not optioned with lights and has manual lift
have not attempted to start it but the motor feels fine turning it by hand, and pto appears to be in very good condition, it is complete with the exception..for some strange reason..of the seat hinges, has some rust under the foot plates and some in the battery box..pretty typical on these also almost forgot to mention the muffler is rotten and would need replaced unquestionably
no deck or mule drive, I have a lift frame for it and that is about it, any questions..call or text 717-395-3599
thanks -dan
NF clutch cover, in pretty good shape. Does need a little paint. If I can find a match at tractor supply I'll go ahead and paint it up nicely. I'm asking $35 shipped to your door. No mounting screws are included. It's current home is my car port in SC. Text or call me is best. 864-382-6677 or email [email protected]
Update on my clutch cover, I went ahead and sanded, primed and sprayed a fresh coat of IH yellow on it.. Still hanging out in my carport in SC please text or call 864-382-6677 or email@ [email protected]
Hydraulic Lift (From a 782, but will fit others)


Hoses are in great shape. No leaks that I can see on the cylinder. Includes hard lines that go to hydro pump.

$200 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48

I'm just trying to clear out some items I'm not using. If you don't like my prices, make a fair offer.
I have a set of fenders and mounting hardware off of a Cub Cadet 100 tractor. They are in pretty good shape. They have been repainted at some point and the paint is peeling, so they will likely need to be stripped and painted again. There is some surface rust and a few scratches in a couple of spots. I have tried to take pictures to show the worst spots. One of the reflectors is also broken. Overall, the fenders are straight, and would be great candidates for restoration. I would like to get $175 plus actual shipping. These are located in Evansville, Indiana. Contact me through my forum email address with questions or for more pictures.
Thanks, Arlen


If anyone needs a wiring harness let me know. I'm taking orders now. They're $60 shipped.. Doing wf and nf harnesses now. 864-382-6677
Cub Cadet 106. I am the original owner. It has 42” mower, creeper gear and lights. Runs great. I have loaded just 2 pictures as I have problem getting them small enough for loading. If there are questions or if you would like pictures let me know. It runs great. It would be a great tractor to restore. I live in Minnetonka, MN. $700 cash only


All my previous postings are now sold except the following;

Narrow Frame 3-point Hitch $100 plus $28 shipping.
Fits all IH CC Narrow Frame Garden Tractors (except the Original). If you want to use it on a 126/127/147 I have the special frame adapter bracket for an extra $25.

Send e-mail to address shown in my profile.
Here's a pic of the Narrow Frame 3-point Hitch I posted below.

You get the complete basic 3-Point Hitch for $100 plus $28 shipping.
The 1x6/7 frame adapter bracket shown in the pic is $25 more.
The silver colored pin shown in the pic is to connect a Brinly Adapter and is $10 more.

My e-mail address is in my profile (just click on the BLUE Letters of my name and you'll see it along with my infamous Model 169).
Here's a Hydraulic Lift option for all Narrow Frame tractors (except the Original). It came off a non-running tractor so I can't tell how it may operate. It's missing the small lift arm attaching bracket which can probably be fabricated. There is a diagram type picture in the install instructions.
$300 plus shipping.

For sale, 38" mowing deck, model 441190 38LT. It is in 9/10 condition, has a few spots of peeling paint. Blades sharpened/balanced, cuts well. Pickup is preferred, willing to deliver within ~70 miles. Albany, NY.

ASKING $100.
I would like to sell my custom made red electric International 1282 Cub Cadet. It is powered by a 36 volt electric golf cart motor and controls. It has 3 new 12 volt deep cycle batteries. I built it a year ago and it runs great. Includes the 36 volt charger. Just needs paint and decals. This is one of a kind and great at the shows. I can deliver to the Portland show next week. I would like to get 1100.00 for it or make me an offer I cant refuse. Thanks