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Archive through June 06, 2014

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Feb 7, 2000
Wes Heinsohn
I have about a 1/4 acre next to my property that the farmer never plants. I usually mow it every other or every third time that I mow my lawn just to keep it cut down and easier for me to see traffic when I leave my driveway. It had been over 3 weeks since I mowed it and the grass was 16-18" tall. I wanted to see what the old 106 with 48" deck had so I put it in 3rd gear and away I went. It opened the governor and made her work good and was really throwing the grass out. A few times I think the PTO clutch started to slip a little. OK, now that I can see Dennis's eyes roll when he reads this I will confess that the 106 has a creeper gear and it was in low. I mowed over it the 2nd time in 1st direct and it looks respectable now. I think I need to sharpen the blades also. It hasn't been done since last August.
Wes, your other cubs could of done that without a creeper gear.
Jeff, the 1650 has a 50" deck on it but it was being a pain yesterday. Wife was going to mow the lawn but called and said it would not start. It would just click. I figured the 6 year old battery finally gave up. When I got home, I put the battery charger on it and the charge was not that low, but it still just clicked. I messed with it more when I got done mowing with the 106 and finally got it started. Either the starter solenoid is going bad or it has a bad spot in the starter. I will see what it does today when I mow the lawn. I just love that 50" deck with the front gauge wheels and Gator blades. I also love the power of that K341 mowing grass.
Wes, did it look like this? I cut the grass on the other side of the electric fence for the first time this year tues.


Keith, it was not that tall. The 1650 just didn't want to cut grass today. It did start right up and ran great for about an hour and then pieces of belt started to fly every where. So out came the 106. I made one pass and didn't like the way it was cutting so off came the deck and the blades got about their last sharpening they will ever get. Put the deck back on and finished mowing the lawn. It did a much better job with sharp blades. I am not sure I want to go see my local dealer. I am afraid to find out what 2 sets of blades and a belt is going to cost me.
on the third gear mowing. JS would be proud of you.
Mine got mowed Fri. too......I took the day off to work on a retaining wall, so the 782 was piloted by a 13 year old with the same name.......he's almost 1/3 the 782's age.....

He does a great job operating and lawn looks great after the GT54 deck goes over it......
Uh Oh! The grinders versus the whiners.........

I guess I'm a whiner........

I tried to find some pics of the old loader, but they were on my old computer that crashed. IIRC, the plate used two of the three bolts on the hydraulic lift side and stretched forward, following the contour of the frame and used the hole where the shoulder bolt bolted in. On the "clutch" pedal side, you had to drill one hole and same thing, followed the contour of the frame using the shoulder bolt hole. Prolly could find some good pics by searching here or the WWW.
Josh, I been kickin' around here for awhile now and this is the first time I remember seeing "the grinders and the whiners". Took a few seconds for it to kick in!
Hey Frank,
I guess we could drop the "h" and make it winers. Even better, add an "n" and we get winners. Ok, I'll quit before I get in trouble. And I did admit to being a whiner.

Did a quick search and found this thread. Scroll 3/4 way down and Kraig posted a pic right out of the Johnson manual showing the wideframe mount. Should help ya out.


Under edit: I've seen Dave's tractors in person. He has some nice gear drives and hydros. Now we need to find him that 800 to complete the set.........
WES-I remember on the original disussion about mowing in 3rd gear, somebody asked JS if the creeper was in lo or hi and he said Hi... I don't think the creeper was the ONLY thing HI that day.

Couple years ago I stopped mowing the "Back 40" as I called it in mid-summer, very back of the yard. I'd over-seeded the grass when I fertilized the fall before and all that new seeding was really growing good, at least as tall as the 18-8.50X8 tires on the frt of the 982. I mowed it one afternoon. Creeped along was making good progress, about half done when there was a lot of blue smoke blowing out the grill... mule drive belt got hot and was slipping. I think it's pretty impressive that the same mule drive belt is still working... just trying to get my SIXTY DOLLARS worth out of it!

Oh, and WES, I sharpen mower blades WAY back almost to the wing too, they only leave un-cut strips of grass when you turn.
Hey Dennis, we call our back yard before it ends in woods the back 40 also... The back 40 feet...
Oh, and I had to go over that tall grass again, it wasn't one pass and done. And I bet I used a lot more gas with my whiner than you did with your grinder.
I have the 70/100 series wire diagram with the light option. I recently came across a IH narrow frame Cub Cadet light switch. My question is, how can I bench test the light switch with out the fuss of installing it in my IH Cub Cadet narrow frame garden tractor? I assume a proper ground is required on the switch.
Josh, thanks, I havent seen those pics before, My subframe uses all 3 on each side.

I did replace the pto disc for the loader

John: Got a multimeter? If not, you should! All your switch needs is a continuity check between its 2 terminals.
The hard way: A 12v battery, the switch and a 12v bulb.
Wire from the + on the battery to a terminal on the switch. Wire from the other terminal on the switch to a terminal on the bulb. Wire from the other terminal on the bulb to the - on the battery.
Basic electricity <101.

It's the bulb that needs grounding, not the switch. All the switch does is complete/interrupt the electricity flow from the battery to the bulb. The switch is called "being in series" between the battery and the bulb.
Thank you Frank, I appreciate your help! The switch works! Genuine IH parts saved from the scrap yard. Turned out to be only the glass fuse.

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