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Archive through June 19, 2008

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Aug 4, 2006
Wichita, KS
Matt Gonitzke
Anybody need a cheap cab that fits hydraulic lift equipped 1x9 and QL tractors only?


Here's what it looked like mounted on my 1450. Canvas and windows aren't the best, but it would work pretty good with a little TLC. $50 picked up.

Have some Cyclops (1862 and others) and CCC lawn tractor parts that are in my way:


Hood, needs paint and a little TLC, has bolts holding hood hinge on, no cracks that I can see -- $20
Side panels, no known cracks, need paint, one side has 2 1/4" holes where it was bolted to nosepiece -- $30/ pr.
Nosepiece, 2 minor cracks in right side mounting ear, no broken off parts. -- $20
Grille insert, has some red paint overspray -- $15
Dash, no cracks, has some yellow overspray at bottom, and a few extra holes drilled in top edge -- $20
Used but good hydro fan -- $5
Hydro lever, chrome not great but it isn't cracked anywhere -- $20
Muffler for 1862, 1860, 1541, 1535, 1882, and any other cyclops tractor with a Magnum twin -- $25
Gas tank -- $20

I've got these random 1620/1720 and other CCC lawn tractor parts:


Muffler shield -- $10
Hydro lever -- $15
Hydro lever slot/trim piece -- $10
Steering wheel -- $10
Rear wheels and tires, good shape -- $25/pr.
Hydro rearend, worked when removed -- $50

NOTE: Some of the stuff isn't pictured, email if you want a picture of those or more pictures of anything else.

I can ship small stuff for sure, big stuff depending on if you can afford it. You can also pick up in Rockford, Illinois. Please email me with

questions, and don't be afraid to make an offer! Thanks! [email protected]
Passing along a good deal. I have 3 Cub Cadet brand deck belts (Made in the USA) I picked up today that won't fit mine but thought maybe someone on here could use. They are 754-04033 1/2" by 118 1/4" that fit the 46" LT1045 and LT1046 Cubs. $22 shipped each.
I just thought i would pass this along. Placed the order and recieved in two days.


Carlisle Super Lug

Tubeless except *
4.10-6 NHS 2 14.19
13x5.00-6 NHS 2 16.11
14x4.50-6 NHS 2 17.44
4.80-8 NHS 2 22.40
16x6.50-8 NHS 4 28.20
18x9.50-8 NHS 2 39.77
20x10.00-8 NHS 4 40.40
*6-12 NHS (Tube Type)
2 36.10
23x8.50-12 NHS 2 44.28
23x10.50-12 NHS 4 62.30
26x12.00-12 NHS 4 69.60

I have a nice original "67 123 Hydro.Clean,straight sheet metal.All original,non tampered with tractor.Not used since "05.Comes with OG deck that has some rust.A snow blower,also a mower deck that was NEW(all parts not just deck!)5 yrs. ago.(only used 2 yrs!)Please CALL me at 413-218-1901 for pics and info.$699- b.o for all!Located in West Suffield CT.06093.
I'm trying to decide how to transition from a 149 to a Series 3000 garden tractor. The 1971 model still runs and cuts fine, but the carb has been a bit of trouble lately. It will blow smoke from the vent near the carb after running for about 15 minutes.

I've had this Cub for about 30 years (3rd owner at most), so it's a tough decision. It's always been kept inside. I'm wondering about trading in vs. direct selling the tractor and 42" deck.

These attachments are also available - Brinley hitch and plow, front and rear blades. Don't know if I should keep everything all together or deal separately.

I know I'll want some items for the 3000 so I was wondering about possible trades for these attachments.

If more info is needed please ask, or Email me at [email protected]

Kent W

A 3000 series cub cadet is no replacement for a 149. I have a 3235 with a 3 point on the back and a complete lift for the front to operate a hydro angle plow and snowblower.
I still will use any one of my old IH cub cadet to plow the garden as they seem to do a far better job pulling a moldboard plow than the newer 3235 does.

I would consider rebuilding or replaceing the motor in the 149 befor I would invest in a 3000 series cub cadet.
The cost of just the 3000 series tractor is less than you will have in a replacement motor and attachements for the 3000 series are big time spendy.
I am by no means trying to talk you out of purchaseing a 3000 series cub cadet, but just letting you know what I have found out after owning a 3235 for the past 4 years.Its your call, but I would think things over a few times and look into the costs of each befor I jumped into the 3000 series cubs.
I used to have a 2000 series cub and traded it in on the 3235 after 6 months when I found out the limits of the 2000 series.
All told I have over 8 grand tied up into my 3235 and it only sees rotor tilling duty the garden in the spring and snow removal duty in the winter. Every once in a while I will get it out to play with when I need to haul a temporary disabled IH cub cadet back to the work shop.
I'm new here, but am the proud owner of a 71 and 122....both in the fixin' stage.

I have a CW-36 snow thrower I got when I bought my 122 but have not had a need for it in southern middle Tn. When it does snow it's wet and heavy and usually gone by noon.

It is in good shape, has surface rust and want to try and get it to someone who would have a use for it...other than me letting it rot in ground. I did use it one time and it worked good(shute got plugged with wet snow)

the serial number is 15410. I'm not sure what one of these sells for or what the average is so I'm throwing out a number with an o.b.o. So how about $200(?)o.b.o, like I said, not sure of what is the normal price or todays going rate for a used snow thrower so let me know. You pay shipping, there is a local freight company near my home that I could drop it off at. If interested let me know, not sure if I can post my email address but here it is [email protected]. I have several pictures of it, to large to post here. I can email them if need be.

Lonny B.

Thanks for your insight and advice, but I'm not sure I stated my situation clearly. I need to make this change - keeping the 149 going is not an option for me. I'm changing to a Series 3000 Cub, even knowing that these newer models don't do what the IH made machines will do.

I was hoping after explaining what attachments I had for the 149 that some on this forum might express interest in the front blade, rear blade, Brinley hitch and plow... to acquire by trade or sale. If people aren't interested, I can include these along with the tractor and 42" deck in some NE Kansas deal.

Kent [email protected]
Selling a 100 cub with rear PTO. Has not ran in several years according to PO. Rear PTO does not engage but should not be to major to repair poss a roll pin. The kwik way loader is in nice shape and comes with pump and tank, manure bucket only $1400 OBO
For Sale decent 1450 good work tractor runs good, no leaks in engine or trans ... comes with choice of 44 decks 2 to choose from or could have both. Weights and chains and exhaust elbow are not included $ 650.00 obo in Northeast Iowa


I had this listed a few weeks ago for $65. now listing for $50. picked up here @ 60013. Not sure what the orange thing is looks like some kind of hitch thingy, but that comes with the plow.

E.W., Don't want to jump in you pile, but you're on the wrong page. Go to the "FORUM" page
Just converted my 129 wide frame to hydraulics. Thought I'd offer these up to the good folks of this community before I place them on any other website.
Non-ported hydrostatic transmssion pump with manual valves - $40
Manual lift handle - $20
Rock shaft, arms are there, no shaft, had to cut it - $10
Spring assist complete - $25
Can supply pictures. Plus shipping from 01226.
Getting rid of all Cub Cadet stuff! 1650, needs exhaust valve & seat. Motor is sound. Was using until last week when lost compression.

149, engine great, but starter/generator bearing is bad causing it not to turn over, recently went out.

Both tractors were daily use until they broke. Both have 44" decks, also comes w/2 42" front blades, 50" deck, set of chains & old cast iron deck of unknown width that was on 149 when purchased. Both tractors are great and everything is working order other than said repairs. Both stored inside.

Also have 1100 less motor, great for parts. Perfect steering wheel, hood and grill.Can have all for $500.00!

I have an 86 that needs a new home. Runs, drives, and cuts great, but smokes slightly from the exhaust and a lot from the breather. It sat for years so I'm gonna see if MMO will help any. 38" deck. Asking $300 picked up in Rockford, Illinois. No reasonable offer will be refused. I need the space and cash.

Email for pictures and more info. Thanks! [email protected]
The spring assist and lift handle from below are spoken for. I still have the hydro pump. $40. Please email if interested. Thanks.
Cub Cadet 129. This has an excellent non-creeping hydro. Sounds like the generator bearing is going out (under $10.00) because it turns slow and whines at low rpm. Only issue! Has all original paint. Runs very nice and mower deck is very solid and quiet. Decent 8.50 ags on back too.
$450 and have complete 3 pt. for $100 more.
Brinly 12" plow. Brinly pin on front not included. Everything free and solid. I can email nicer pics. These are just under the 100kb to post. $150.00
I have this Cub muffler that Came off a Magnum 18 I bought I have no use for it and thought maybe someone here might be able to use it..

$30 or best offer plus shipping...


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