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1200 vs 1250

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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David Lamp

May 22, 2022
Akron, OH
Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I bought a 1200, and recently traded my 800 for a 1250. (Before anyone says it was a bad trade I needed parts off the 1250 and the 800 needs a full resto which I am not the guy for that). Between the two tractors and spare parts acquired I have enough to make one solid tractor it seems, and I really only have room for one.

Intended use: cutting grass in the summer in my tiny yard, snow blowing in the winter with the QA42 I just picked up. Also would someday like to get a tiller or other implements for fun.

The 1200: runs and drives. Has a low range gear box that may or may not work (lever is broken half off and is safety wired into high, haven’t gotten the tunnel off yet to try and test low) overall decent shape and seems to have original paint. I put in a headlight panel but haven’t started wiring it yet. Also has a weight box in the rear.

1250: has a lot of stuff missing, it technically runs and drives but I was told the cylinder is cracked and she sure smokes a lot and runs ok but is very hit or miss! Never driven a hydro before today when I got her home but it goes forward pretty fast for having a beat motor, also goes in reverse. For some reason the brake does not stop or slow down this tractor.

Things I have noticed. For some reason the 1250 steers so much better while the 1200 is a hog where I have to throw my body into it, not sure if I can do anything but swap the rack to whichever tractor becomes the main body. I hooked up the qa42 to both and it seems to turn better on the 1250, which I’m pretty sure the 1200 needs the throttle adjusted since it doesn’t seem to rev as high. I like the feel of the hydro and it would be nice to get hydro lifts for any kind of rear or underbelly implement, I just don’t know anything about either but I know much less about the hydro.

Sorry for the stupid questions but thanks in advance, everyone here has been super helpful to this tractor noob!


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1200 probably has no grease in the spindles. Take that all apart, clean it up, and relube it.

For your intended uses, the 1250 is a better choice, as it is a better mowing and snowthrowing tractor. Slight edge to the gear drive for tilling, but you will need the creeper functioning, and likely a lot of expensive clutch parts to get the 1200 in its best shape again.

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