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Archive through December 30, 2004

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thanks for the info I think I'll give it a shot the tractor is in really good shape so I hate to part it out. and I may try to paint it with some cub spray paint I already have it pretty much tore down to the frame.why not
Of The K-motors I've done, NONE needed cams, and didn't even need shims... nor lifters... nor valve-guides... nor main bearings. They got basic overbores and new (STENS) pistons to match. One got a new rod, 'cause the old one was sitting in the pan, in pieces. In both cases, the crank journal was just a tad undersized on one plane, from normal wear. Rather'n grind the crank down (or on one case, replace the crank), the shop just polished 'em back into round (but not standard undersize) then re-fitted the bottom end of the rod to give correct tolerance, and it worked out perfect. IN both cases, I had a very light skim-cut taken off the deck, just to get it flat and ready for a new gasket. I lightly sanded (600-grit) the head face against glass for same reason. All said-and-done, the rebuilds cost me about $200 a motor... and they're strong running machines. Do use a torque-wrench- this ain't a Burps and Stranded.
Its not like these Northern Eastern Illinois winters to not have snowed at least a couple of inches yet. But when it does we'll be ready.

I'd say $600 is pretty high unless you're just dropping the whole machine off and getting a good warranty when done. Probably what some one was thinking was harder than a Briggs is the balance gears if your engine has them. There is a handy little tool that Kohler sells that makes it easy to get them in time. I've never overhauled a Kohler that didn't need the crank turned so better plan on doing it. They seem to wear the most on the journal side between the throws. I'm a stickler on tolerances. The cranks come out fairly easy. Just work the cover up evenly. Take your time and pay close attention to the specs in the manual and you won't be disappointed.
Happy New Years to everybody. Hope its safe, don't want to lose anybody in a drunk driving accident.

To keep it on topic, you would be the life of the party if you drove your Cub there! I was thinking about it, but the wife and Jared don't want to ride on the hood I guess?!?!
Torin, you need one of these for your wife and Jared to ride on. :eek:)
Don't you have a cart, some padding and some blankets?
Echoing Torin, try to be safe tonight. From my years of being an almost-rock-star, and a few years of tending bar, I've seen some pretty suspicious characters on "Amateur Night." Called for rides for quite a few. You have no idea who is driving around you.
One of my nieces is in the (high school) band playing at the Peach Bowl tonight. Maybe we'll catch her in the background. Last year they were at the Fiesta Bowl, but you couldn't see it on TV. It would be nice to get at least a glimpse.
I think they use some Cub Cadet equipment for field maintenance.
What kind of weight setup do you have?

(Message edited by BMoore on December 31, 2004)
Here it is almost Janurary 1st in N/E Illinois, and we had a thunderstorms last night. Where's the snow??
If you are driving on a freeway tonight please keep to the right lane whenever possible. I heard a stat. on the radio yesterday that 100% of the head on collisions that happen on freeways occur in the left lane as the person going the wrong way thought he/she was in the slow lane/right lane.
It's 52 degrees here according to the thermometer on the side of the garage. Kind of weird. I've had the blade, chains, and fluid filled rears on the 147 for over a month, and it's just sitting there waiting. I may get to use the 125 sooner, since it still has a deck on it.

(Message edited by BMoore on December 31, 2004)
It was 50° and raining here yesterday. Today it's in the 20's and there is a light snow falling.
Does anyone else think it's odd that the closer it got to Christmas, the fewer posts we saw from Michael K. Johnson? Has he been too busy?
Kraig, That is a sweeeet chariot! Ill have to show her that!

Could somebody post a pic of a 72 with fenders? Not too sure which ones it should have. (They were an option, right?)
Paint hints FWIW. Theres a small spray gun called the "Critter" that sells for about $40. The big advantage is it uses mason jars for the cup. When your done just run some thinner through the gun and screw a lid on the jar. Keep yellow in one white in another etc. A quart of paint goes a long way compared to rattle cans. I've also found if your priming and plan to spray yellow a white primer works better.

Torin, here's a photo of the 72 that Wyatt Compton used to have.
Torin, here's another 72 with fenders I forget who this one belongs(ed) to.

Any of you guys have some "creative" headlight mounting options? I did alot of my own wiring and everything is set up to work (meaning it does) but I cant just have the lights hanging off the front end. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional.

I got a 5 amp fuse, is that about right for two bulbs and a rear light?

Once I get that plug out I'll check the tranny fluid. As for my (internal) brakes, I sprayed plenty of PB down there but the lock-nut and adjusting nut don't wanna move out of sync - nothing I can't fix with a little muscle, just an update.

I'm a city kid, so I like NYC pretty well. I've gone on a few deliveries up there in a box truck and in a van, that can be a pain with all the traffic, but its not horrible. Its the actual delivery thats the hard part, they won't let you just bring stuff in the front lobby, they make you go through this skinny concrete-and-flourescent labyrinth that can be quite hard to navigate when you are carrying a 400 lb. 18th century mahogany chest. How much you like the city is directly proportional to how much time you spend in the car. Get out and walk around, its not that bad.

Since I work at Sears, I get a nice discount on their Lawn and Garden stuff, so I got 2- 55 pound Craftsman Wheel Weights, Fit up good and work good too.
Zach, I think you'll need at least a 20 amp fuse (I think the factory fuse is a 30amp). Assuming 2 55 watt headlights and one 5 watt taillamp you'll be drawing around 10 amps. I'm sure Dave K2 will correct me if I'm thinking wrong. :eek:)

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