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IH 340 Utility needs major TLC

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May 2, 2018
Nampa, Idaho
Michael Hales
I have an International Harvester 340 Utility that I "inherited" when we bought our property from in-laws. There are a couple of nagging issues.
First, it was converted to 12V and I have starter problems. I had the starter motor rebuilt with some armature work, new brushes and new starter gear (bendix?) etc. this is an original six volt starter, as I can't find a twelve volt unit that would bolt up. Aside from that, most of the wiring is hacked pretty bad and none of the gauges work.
It cranked OK for a few starts, but failed to engage the starter drive to the flywheel several times. Now, it won't engage at all, just spins. I barred the motor around a bit thinking it might be a bad spot on the flywheel but no help, it still just spins.
Second, I tried to engage the TA and it wouldn't engage. Pulling the lever, it will not go all the way into the stop pawl. It "feels" like it just hits a stopping point before it should. Holding the clutch pedal all the way down, I just grinds if I try to pull the lever while running in neutral. The clutch was WAY out of adjustment. I went through the procedure in the I&T manual and now the clutch and clutch brake works, which helps with shifting the transmission without grinding, but still can't shift the TA into low range. I suspect that the TA friction plate is rusted to the disk, requiring a split if I want it to work (and if I can find the parts).
There's also an issue with the Zenith carburetor and the gas tank was/is pretty rusty and had some water in it. I rebuilt the carb as best I could with a "minor" rebuild kit from Steiner Tractor, but the bowl vent jet isn't included even in the "full" kit and there's no serial number on the carb, either on a tag or cast into the body. Probably going to go with a Universal Zenith replacement I found that appears to be the right one. While I'm at it, I will pull the tank and clean it up and put some sealer in it.
I have the I&T Shop Manual and downloaded an Operator's Manual, but There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on this tractor that I can find. I'd like to understand how the TA actually works a little better before I spend more money on a yard ornament.
You could try looking at the 300 or 350 info. That TA is used in atleast a dozen different models. The 350 we had I replaced the transmission drive gear. The little clutch makes the whole assembly turn together. Open the clutch and the planetary gears spin the housing backwards against the overrunning clutch or sprag. Going down hill the TA needs to be in high as the sprag will allow the transmission to freewheel to the point that the TA can explode.

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