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Cub 100 - I think

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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New member
IHCC Supporter
Apr 28, 2024
Did some digging on the forum and utilized the "Monthly Production" Chart.

Looks like the serial number on my new (to me) Cub is: 73275... but the chart only shows a 73875 (Jan 1964 build). Unless there is something I'm missing OR I don't actually have a 100..

On to the photos!

I managed to really only snag one photo of it on its way back to my place. It will need to rear tires and at least one new wheel (rotted through from sitting). The engine does spin over by hand freely, which is good (have a new plug, air filter, point on the way). Have to get a battery for it and will see where I get. Hopefully, I can locate a coil that will work for it as the one on it has seen better days..

Will have to locate a good wiring diagram and also a service manual for this as I have no idea where to begin. To be clear, I have rebuilt motorcycles and some cars, so, it won't be bad. Just need to have a reference to start reading on.

The last photo, I rotated so you all could read it and not have to rotate it yourself or do a handstand to read the serial information.

Appreciate all who may chime in on this "100" and if it really is one or if you freely point me in some other directions for the wiring/service manual (still learning the navigation/resources on this site :) ).



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No issue here as it's a December 1963 build. The 100's are part of series #2 Cub Cadet production, built from August '63 thru August '65 and include the models 70 and 100.

Serial numbers range from 65458 thru 127160 for a total production
run of some 61,702 units, 22,600 of which were 70's with the balance of 39,102 being 100's.

As such, not exactly in the rare category as far as production goes but, by the looks of it, still a great find at any rate!.

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