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Cub Cadet 100 Project from SoCal

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Dec 10, 2023
Los Angeles
I’m a new member and just received this Cub Cadet 100 as a free project from a member of my tractor and gas engine club (Western Antique Power Associates). It is in great shape and is mostly complete, except for the 3 point/mower deck lift lever assembly and the front PTO pulley. I plan on doing a full frame off restoration on this 100 and use it around the house and for local shows and parades.
Some issues I can already spot besides the missing parts is a poorly welded steering spindle (probably will need new spindles and a new front axle beam, mine looks bent), a leaking rear axle seal on the left hand side, seat pan with evidence of crack welding, and a new clutch assembly. And an engine rebuild kit, new wiring harness and full repaint are also in the cards.


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Cody,looks like you have a solid machine to start with..Our sponsors have lots of parts ,used and new. Only one small piece of advice:take lots of pictures as you disassemble,you won't be sorry !! This site has an amazing amount of info and a lot of members willing to help on details..Go for it and good luck. Oh yea, buy some more penetrating oil,these parts have been together for over 50 yrs..