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Tractor For Sale For Sale: October 1964 International Harvester Cub Cadet 100 Lawn & Garden Tractor

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The rear PTO, rear fenders and headlights are desirable features that add value. Not sure what the plate on top of the rear tranny was for. It's not original to the unit. Aside from that it is a fairly clean and not beat up. Paint/decals look original. Hood looks to have had some welding on it for the cross brace. $500 is probably a little low. $1500 probably more in the ballpark. Ultimately it will bring whatever the buyer is willing to pay and you accept.
Thank you for your observations and comments Ron.

Sigma Metals in Colorado Springs did the weld repair to the loose hood cross brace, around the same time this tractor was being repaired by a very experienced technician (Jerry) at Craig's Power Equipment during October - December, 2021.
Yes, you can spend a lot of money on these tractors and never re-coup the expenses. I refurbed my first cub (128) several years ago, and spent a little over 2K in parts.
I did all the work myself, except for recovering the seat. I know I would not get 1K for it, but that's fine. I am not gonna sell it anyway. :errrr:
I will let my wife sell it to someone for about $400 to $500 after I am dead and gone. ;)
Just like the nice custom Harley Davidson I had. Bought it for 13K, spent another 12K getting it right, and later sold it for 7K! Got out of the biking business after that.
So true Marty.

On the other hand, it has been a lot of fun searching for various new or rebuilt OEM parts and getting this vintage all-metal tractor running well again. It also makes me smile every time I see it in the garage.

If I were to take the next step, it would be to replace all four tires with new ones resembling the originals and suitable for mowing lawns. Any suggestions?

Then, the next step . . . .

Oh Oh. Here we go again.

My wife may have to do the same as your wife Marty.
You can enjoy this fine hobby without breaking the bank, and wasting thousands on it.
I do enjoy looking for IH "stuff" also, it's just getting harder to find them for a decent price.
There's not many things that we can get years of enjoyment from, for a couple thousand bucks! 😄
You know you want to keep it!!!😉
Miller tire has a nice selection of tires if you want to order some. You can also check your local tire dealer. I have bought tires both ways. You just have to do your homework (search) to get the best deal and figure out what you want. :bluethumbsup:
Thank you very much Marty.

Someone(s) from this Cub Cadet forum once told me my October 1964 IH Cub Cadet 100 appears to still have all its four original tires. They look configured for mowing lawns (i.e., not plowing fields), which I have been happily doing since about age 7. I would like the new tires to match the originals as close as possible.

Marty, where in the world am I going to find someone as knowledgeable, skilled, and nice as you to take this tractor & mower deck to full restoration?
You can do it yourself! Just a little time and patience. There are plenty of people on this site that can answer any questions you may have along the way.
When you finish it, you can be proud of your work!
That is how I got started.
It is not all that hard to do. Just remember, it is a garden tractor, not a show car. The factory even had runs in the paint, so it does not have to be perfect. Just ask away, and be patient.
When you get started, take a bunch of pics for later reference. Continue taking pics as you take it apart. This will familiarize you with the tractor. Put small parts (nuts, bolts, brackets, etc.) in ziploc bags and put a label in it, stating where it goes.
$500 is a way bit too less, I would start at $2500 and go from there, BTW rear PTOs alone sell between, $300 to $500 in my area.
I would agree with $2500, but only if you find a guy who’s just “gotta have it” Unfortunately, you will never recoup the parts and labor to a break even. This is true with just about every collectible vehicle out there and I say this out of love and experience.
“I say this out of love and experience.”
Well said, Bud. Very well said.
Thank you for your kind words.

My challenge is making (i.e., setting aside) time to do it.

It was much easier to do such things when I was in my late teens or early twenties.
I am still interested in selling my October 1964 IH Cub Cadet 100 with 42-inch mower deck. See prior ad in this string of postings. Located in Colorado Springs.

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