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1450 hydro line replacement experience

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Now that this has come up twice in this thread...

I'm sorry, but no real, reputable mechanic is going to suggest that creating a 45 degree flare and then installing it on a 37 degree fitting (or vise versa) is acceptable, or a good idea.

They make two different tools for a reason. A different amount of material is consumed in the forming of the flare for each due to the different angle, and the amount of the tube used to make the flare is fairly precise- too much and the OD of the flared portion is too big, and so the nut will interfere, ruin it, not allow it to properly tighten, etc. Too little, and the flare won't seal or will be destroyed upon tightening the nut.

You might get away with forming a 45 degree flare, and installing it on a 37 degree fitting, or your might not. Not a good idea either way.

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