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What the ???

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John Halper

Active member
Aug 21, 2020
Atco N.J.
I have two 2182's & 1882 One of the 2182's does not have the ground speed of the other one. The other 2182 seems to be evenly matched with the1882. I also have a 1541,1641,1862 & 1811 . They all seemed very equal except for the one 2182 . Were their different rear end gears available ? It doesn't seem to have more pulling power . Like you would associate with with a steeper set of gears. As in 4:10 vs 5:13 ( just an example). Its ground speed is just slower , forward & reverse. The RPM's seem about the same for both 2182's . It functions just as well as the other one. Just seems odd to me. I'm eager to read some other the reply's from some that know more. Thanks.
Got a factory service manual? (FSM)
I'd check there for troubleshooting.
Hydro may not be adjusted to spec's.
Changed oil and filter lately?

1st thoughts that come to mind here.
Filter is fresh & so is oil. Don't have a factory service manual. Also with top plate off so ya can look at linkage all looks the same as the others.
Check the cam plates on each one and see if it has been updated the the newer 2 hole one.
There is a service bulletin.


  • Scan of speed control upgrade cyclops.pdf
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Thank you for the service bulletin. Wheels do spin freely when lifted off ground. So brakes are adjusted ,ok.. I will check better as soon as I can swap tractors. I now have 1882 w/snow blower on it &2182 w/plow on it where they have heat for easier starting & repairs ,if needed. That 1 has mower deck on it & in container with doors snow in. Will move around asap. Thanks for your help & experience. I will post what I find.

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