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Hello from West Michigan

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Nov 30, 2022
West Michigan
Been active on one of the cub facebook groups but thought I'd hop on this forum as well. Recently picked up my first Cub Cadet. Got it on trade for a extra 3D printer I had laying around. Kind of an odd trade but I'm a designer/model maker by trade and had quite a few 3D printers laying around my model shop and tossed one up for trade a few months back and here we are. Should also state I'm not new to tractors. My dad was a mechanic at a IH dealer in the early 80s before moving to a factory job. I started collecting garden tractors, 60's model wheel horse models mainly. Been doing that for 10 plus years. Also have an 85 kubota B8200HST compact that does the heavy lifting around the property. Back to my Cub I just got.

Picked up a 1650, 1978 model from what I can tell by the serial. Tractor ran when I got it but didn't move. Wasn't a huge concern, in my head, the tires, wheel weights and K341 were worth more than the 3D printer was so figured I could part it out worse case. Well, through the help of the FB group I have since got it up and moving in the past week. Relief valves needed to be rebuilt. It was also super low on fluid and needed a filter. I pulled the covers off the transmission, drained it, cleaned the case (which was actually in good shape as far as I'm concerned), new fluid, new filter. Took the valves to work and turned them open on a lathe, replaced the O rings and had one of our tool shop guys tig them back together. Seemed to do the trick. Next on the list is some engine work. There was essentially only 1 bolt holding the engine in. Working on rebuilding the engine cradle per instructions I was given and also making my own new isolation mounts. Hope to have that all back together this weekend so I can really take it for a test drive.

Is there anyone in the west Michigan area that is a good source for used parts and pieces? This machine is pretty complete but it is missing the PTO and a few other odds and ends. I kind of want to swap the lower grill out for one from the previous model series as well since I don't have the side covers for my 1650.

Long term I'd like to clean it up and paint it to look like the tractor my dad used to pull with in the early 80s. For now, I just want to make sure its sound and maybe even run it this summer with a mower deck if I can find one to make sure its good to go before tearing it down and painting it.



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Nice to have you here, Justin. Welcome!
This forum is a tremendous resource as well.
Keep us updated, will you?

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