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Hi Gang!

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Active member
Apr 9, 2024
Nampa, ID
Hi Guys (and gals!),
My name's Mort (of the Mad Monk variety). I've been collecting IH's for almost 30 years now, mostly Scout II's, but I also own a Scout 80, C-series pickup, early 60's Metro van, utility trailer made from a D-series pickup bed, 3 refrigeration units, toys, magazine ads, tools, and, pertinent to you guys, bought an IH Cub Cadet 104 lawn tractor last year. Nothing with it though, no accessories, no mower deck, but it ran like a champ, only $300! Just bought a pretty overpriced 42" 3-blade mower deck for it for $725, with the carrier. Also picked up a generic snow plow blade for it late last year, but never mounted it. The price was right for that, only like $80. Still waiting on the belts I need to actually make the mower deck work. Not sure if I need a tensioner on my deck, or how it would mount, because it doesn't have one, so if someone could point me in the right direction of that info, that would be great. A previous owner replaced the accessory drive pulley to an electric clutch type (like the front of a vehicle AC compressor would have.) and replaced the stock cigarette lighter with the switch for that. Not that I miss the stogie lighter, but it would be more interesting if it were stock.
I'd also love to find any gardening accessories for my Cub like roto-tiller or something of the like, and definitely a headlight set. I guess it would have to be the style that mount to either side of the cowl, because my grill doesn't have the headlight buckets built in. And I'd have to change my exhaust back to something resembling stock, which I'd kinda like to do anyway, because the vertical muffler kinda makes you eat the exhaust as you're driving around, and it would block the headlight placement on that side. I guess I could also mount a modern LED style light bar somewhere on the front, but stock would be preferable.
It also needs a beer holder!
I guess I should also mention I own a couple Harley's, a few Yamaha dirtbikes, a 1975 Stingray, and a Chrysler minivan.


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Welcome aboard, Mort. I’ll defer to my neighbors here with regard to your mower deck, but I will say that headlight assembly (panels) and tillers and such are out there. If you keep trolling, you’ll come by one and perhaps even for reasonable money. Welcome to the club, and i too am a minivan guy. #DadLife
C3HEERS! 🍻 🚜💨

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