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Still around, just can't focus on one brand.

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Adam Olczak

Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Jul 7, 2021
SE Michigan
First login after quite some time. My 106 has been assembled for more than a year, and I still haven't split it for the creeper gear install.
The garden tractor hobby has taken my friends and family by storm. Although regrettably for the sake of this dedicated Cub forum, I still only have one yellow machine to my name at this point due to circumstance and attachment availability for other tractor brands in my area.

I just counted, and my home fleet is now up to 9 tractors (two non-running for now.)

I've attached the various events that we've attended/hosted since this wave has struck the friends and family in my circle.
I regret not staying active on this forum, but its hard to do while not being loyal to just one brand.


This is my Dad after taking the plunge and buying 5 Sears Machines. I bought the ST16 and Rototiller from him, and he's kept the rest for himself at this point.


Myself and my soon-to-be wife at the local Farm show on our matching ST tractors.


My Cub and the majority of our Sears that we took up to the farm show.


It was at this point that I began realizing things were getting out of hand.


The beginning of our 20 mile long Garden tractor Cannonball run. 25 garden tractors were at the start.


Stopping to do a head count.


My Dad on his SS15 on the right, my younger brother on our childhood Case being towed behind me, and a good buddy on my Super 12 retrieving his soda after re-starting the generator on the music trailer without stopping.


Good friend of mine resurrected one of his O's for the ride.


Better shot of me towing the dead Case and the music trailer.


The majority of us/the tractors at the finish line, my house. We lost 4 tractors by the end. They got left at various houses for pickup in the morning.
That's a great contest. If someone were to enter a Kubota diesel powered Cub, they would do very well. They are super fuel efficient.
That's a great contest. If someone were to enter a Kubota diesel powered Cub, they would do very well. They are super fuel efficient.
The only rules we laid out to keep it relevant to the hobby were:

2. 20 Horsepower or less
3. Bare tractor can't weigh more than half a ton.

Basically we didn't want any new production junk lawn mowers, and we didn't want any 10,000 pound agricultural tractors running us over/drawing even more attention.
Given that the top speed of a vintage Cub is around 8-10 MPH, it could take 2.5-3 HRS without stops or breaks. I have a feeling my Magnum 18 powered tractors would use a majority of their 4 gallon fuel capacity flat out for that period of time. I love them, but they have a drinking problem!
Roper built some pretty decent stuff back in the 70's and 80's............................Their decks were bullet proof, mandrels were unreal. The place I worked threw them away instead of rebuilding, because they were pressed together with serious tonnage. The ordinary guy would destroy one without a press to take them apart. I wish i had those that were thrown away, now. Tapered roller bearings too.

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