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Hello all, I'm Mark; new to the forum not new to the Cub 2182s (owned 5 have 2 still), have lots of knowledge and always are willing to help others.

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It is March now and I have done everything to my 2 2182's which needed and not needed done...I didn't receive any responses on the parts issue here but after doing all the research I found the ring and pinion gears in the SGT were the same part numbers used in a lot of others..Had a good deal on a diff from a 2086 but refused it as I didn't want to go through all the work to find I might had gotten someone else's probs..Anyway I rebuilt mine with everything new. It sucked as 26x14-12 Carlisles fluid filled and 100lb cub wheel weights along with a cat ) 3 point with 350 lbs of weights on it were a a pain to remove. The axle carrier braces from Xtreme Motor Sports also had to come off to get this out, but they are a must on these Cubs. Surprisingly there isn't much to these rears but they are strong as I pushed mine hard for over 10 years...I purchased a used good ring/pinion off Ebay in excellent condition new bearings seals etc..I decided to drill out and retap the bolt bosses to a larger 7/16 bolt on the housing for the carriers as they attach the Xtreme braces and connect the frame to the housing..I decided to go with tractor supplies "Traveler" premium fluid this time as it has a 10w-30 rating which is what is required and made for a common sump configuration..I do notice a more stable function of the hydro now using this..Both 2182's received all new fluids and filters so I'm set for the mowing working season ahead...Also I know I'm gonna hear some negativity on this next issue but I went ahead and did the RHB31 turbo purchase and Its going on the D600 in my front loader 2182 this year even though many will say its a waste of time and money. I don't buy that info as there has to be some improvement from that little turbo. Decided to change the exhaust manifold so I can position it better allowing for a small intercooler to sit on top with 2 high velocity fans cooling it...I'm actually into less than $400 for everything to make a professional install like everything else I do...I'd love to hear some comments on this subject from any of you...
Welcome John. The 2182 is one of my favorite Cubs of all. The lift control linkage may be corroded, you could spray PBBlaster or something similar on the linkage by popping off the side panel then gently working control to loosen. You may have serious corroding going on elsewhere too under there. Otherwise if doesnt free up you’ll need to remove the valve assembly and go from there. The rear PTO is mostly for show and not really practical. There were Cub Cadet attachments for it, most popular the rear mower — some out there for sale at $500 and up. PTO runs backward at 2000 rpm I believe.
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