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Unexpectedly my son pased away.

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Damn Lonnie, very sorry to here that.

Call if you need someone to talk to. We lost a daughter last fall,45 yrs old., so
We kinda understand. Hang in there my friend
Received the worst news any parent can get.
Last Sunday my oldest son passed away suddenly whe out enjoying life, he had just turned 38 last month.
Word is it was a heartattck.
Life for me will never be the same.
Lonny, sincerest thoughts,I have lost a son and a wife so I can share your pain.No great words of wisdom except be grateful for the time you had together....
Lonny, so sorry to hear. :(

Ron, sorry to hear about your daughter. :(
Very sorry to learn of this. It is not the natural order of things for a parent to bury a child. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Lonny - So sorry for your loss. I agree with Jim Koenig, not the proper order things should happen.
So sorry. I would like to say that time heals all wounds but we all know that's not true. We just live on with our wounds. After my dad passed away I now measure the years by WD (with dad) and AD (after dad)...it's now 5 AD. Hang in there for the others.
Very sorry for your loss.my condolences

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