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New rim centers for 982

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Since I'm fortunate to need a snow removal team here in Canada, I figure it was beneficial for me this year to put some turf tires back on the 982 and chain it up. I'll be putting the bear of a 450 blower on it soon and anyone who has a 450 knows you need traction and weight to use it efficiently.
I didn't want to dismount my 23' Firestones, so I rooted around in parts shed and found two rims off a Massey Ferguson 1450 parts tractor to use as a donors. The tires weren't the greatest so seemed like a good choice. Problem is the centers on the Massey Ferguson are almost in the center of the rim - I needed them really close to the back side in order to have enough clearance for the disc brakes.
I figured I hand nothing else pressing, why not try making new centers!
They didn't turn out too bad?


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Thanks, didn't turn out too bad for first try.

I have a Hypertherm plasma cutter. Mr. Plow sold me on one when I was building a set of rolling harrows last Spring to help level out my bean fields better. Man, that was a project and a half!

I made a circle cutter jig from a couple pieces of flat bar. Put a pivot bolt in the center to run it around on and then used the old center that had the wave on the edge as a pattern to cut out the same profile on the new center. First time I made a circle cutting jig - other circles I just made a plywood template and ran with those. Wanted to buy a circle jig when I bought machine but they wanted over $200 for something close to what I built. Mind you theirs was painted nice and had a better pivot point, but still the same result in the end. Used a hole saw to get the 3" hole in middle. Clamped the two together and drilled the bolt holes.

I had made a jig to cut out the holes like the style on the 88 series cast centers - but then I realized I still had to drill for the weights. By then I seen that I really didn't position stuff correctly to balance things out with the wave, the weight holes then the additional "bling" holes I had made the jig for. Oh well, maybe next set I'll be able to do that?

The best part was I got the center welded back in straight and the wheels don't wobble at all when I spin them. :errrr: If you were to look at them up close, they are far from perfect - but a blind man on a galloping horse will never have an issue with them! I thought it was neat when I removed the old tires when I started, the year the rims were made - nice to see OLD stuff still around!


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Looks like you are setup for some serious fabrication. Nice plasma table. Assume you used a Hypertherm 65. I have a 30 which works great on 3/16” and less. Keep up the good work.
No, just a beginner with the minimum tools so far. Thanks, built that before I started the rolling baskets.
Using a 30 Air. I cut everything I have tried so far with ease. Obviously the thicker steel doesn't leave as clean, but very happy. Learning a lot as i work on things. Self taught, so some things are not as nice as they could be. Having fun learning though!
By the time I cut them out there is too much difference in size. Would have been too hard to build up and get centered again. For me it was easier to cut the new centre the size I needed and weld back in place.
You just drill the plug weld out and remove the complete center. Move it to where you want it plug weld it in. Weld the drill holes shut where the center was.