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Cub cadet prices.

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Well-known member
May 26, 2011
Jim Harder
Went to a estate auction yesterday of Norm Turner. Roughly 60 miles northeast of Columbus Ohio. The prices of these truly floored me. Norm was a lifetime collector of anything IH. There was a mountain of toys still in the box never opened sell. I didn't get to watch any of that because I was out side with the Cubs and tractors. Now the majority of these ran. over half Norm had repainted and fixed what needed. So I will say as a whole the condition of them was above average.
1450 (painted, ran no deck) 300 ( I bought for a friend)
70 (painted ran)250
1282 Painted ran sharp tractor 500 ( Didn't buy because Norms grandson bought it)
a couple of 123 (original paint good tires) 275 each.
982 (original ran great with 50c deck) 1325 ( not Norms)
682 (Painted 44c deck 4 new tires) 575
782 ( original paint 50c deck good tires) No sale 225 ( wasn't part of Norms collection)
122 ( painted new tires) 175
86 painted no deck 200
There was at least 20 to 30 cub that sold I would say the average price was 350
Cubs I bought
Original (Brinley hitch age tires painted 4 digit) 800
182 ran new tires 300
282 painted ran new tires 400
382 painted ran new tires 200
Mind you most had new carbs in the past year and also most had new battery's. These were not a brush paint slap together machines.
The bigger tractors was even more depressing.
10-20 Ran like a watch, painted, really nice original tires 600
F20 ran good good tires 400
w-9 Painted straight metal 4 brand new tires 450
Decks were 2 for 5bucks, Snowplows average 10 bucks each
I Knew norm most of my life it was kind of gut wrenching to see this stuff go that cheap. maybe it a sign of the times to come. Then again maybe I am wrong and those prices reflect what todays market is on that stuff. Not near the crowd I thought there would be.
Jim - boy that was a sad day for all the tractors, except maybe the Cadets. I never really thought an auction was the best venue to unload a collection.
I was shocked a lot by the prices of everything. For as nice as the collection was as a whole. I really figured I was going to be in that 182 a lot more to get it. His was the only one I knew of and I haven't seen any other advertised for sale in my years of collecting the 82 series. Now all I am lacking is a 1282 and I will have them all.
Did hear a 1/8 scale M in the box never been opened brought over 600. Cant say for sure didn't see it. Friend standing there when we heard that bout dropped his coffee. Told me he bought a M for 600 and FARMED with it (lol). wasn't paying that for one to look at on the shelf. Made me chuckle. But i do get where he was coming from.
Have a estate farm equipment auction coming up in a couple weeks. Has a CC1862 listed as good (Listed as IH but MTD built ) Will see if I can bring it home with me.
JIM H. - I got Dad a 1/8th scale FARMALL Super M for Christmas about 2004. 2005 He took his '51 M in for it's 4th repaint, in 2006 he had his final auction, all his shop tools, over a dozen Cub Cadets, some pretty rough but some still in pretty nice and original condition, his 129 with tiller was really nice, and had a brand new Kohler Magnum engine in it. I'd traded him SON's 129 we refurbished for the '51 M. The 129 brought $865 and hard telling what the M would have brought. But with fresh paint, live hyd, Char-Lynn P/S, and a patched-up Stan-Hoist loader with both buckets I would hope $1200 or more.
Seems odd that 1/8th scale Super M with box would sell for as much as a real Super M. I also have the matched pair, 706/806 both diesel NFE in the box I got Dad for X-mas about 2004 or '05. When he opened the Super M he commented, " All I need now is the R John Deere and 4010 Diesel and I'll have every tractor I farmed with." I didn't tell him the chances of ME buying a scale model Deere were WAY less than Zero. He did have a Super M-TA and I have the 1/16th scale model of that, still in box. He had a 450 NFE for 4 years I put boat load of hours on, I should get a model of it for ME someday. I REALLY wish Ertl or Spec-Cast or somebody would make a Stage 2 Super H NFE someday. Dad traded my '39 H off for a '54 SH May 8, 1968 that's sitting out in my shop with the M and my 3 Cub Cadets.

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