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    • rjruchti
      rjruchti replied to the thread Ground hornets.
      When on the farm we would take a stick long enough to reach the next from a safe distance, wrap an old burlap sack around it and tie it...
    • rjruchti
      rjruchti replied to the thread Hydraulic fluid help.
      Northland makes the fluid for the majority of the implement companies, Case IH, John Deere, etc. Can still get the Northland Hytran...
    • rjruchti
      rjruchti replied to the thread Battery cut-off swt.
      I use an inline fuel shut of also. I like to put them between the fuel pump (if applicable) and the fuel tank. Keeps the pump primed...
    • rjruchti
      rjruchti replied to the thread Fire Ants!.
      I feel for any on down South that has to deal with Fire Ants. A friend retired to Florida and stood on a Fir Ant hill while golfing...
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