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Loader tractor build - Research & Suggestions

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Well its not pretty, needs bracing and a few finishing touches yet, but done for now.


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Where is the best place to get weld in bungs for the fuel tank? Want to get one for the fuel filler cap and then the one for the drain tap in the bottom. What about fuel line - anything better to use steel vs rubber or ??? Was debating on trying to use some of the old steel lines.... but will need to make up more I'm sure.
Was able to get the tank bent to shape yesterday. Just need to weld the sides in after I get the tank bungs in place and wipe it all down good. Varsol the best to use to clean the steel before closing it up and checking for leaks?
Bender i made seems to work ok. Doesn't like the short sections though, not enough material to clamp down and hold in place. Wouldn't want to bend anything thicker than 14ga though. Or I'm just getting weaker the older I get?


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Hat off to you Mike - Great fabrication skills! Love the radius on your fuel tank.

Thanks, not sure about the "great fab" part, but I'm trying to make it at least respectible. 🤷‍♂️
Just hope I can get the front and back of it welded in without hacking it up too bad.
Need to find the right bungs for it, thats my issue now. Was hoping to save money and use my Kubota vented fuel cap off the donor , but not having a lot of luck finding threaded bung to fit? Perhaps because it came off a tank that was plastic? Going to check out fittings at Ag dealership and see if can find one from the sprayer parts section that will work? Can't imagine diesel will effect the plastic? I won't be submerged in it, just splashed with it. As long as the flat gaskets that come with them are able to produce a good seal? Otherwise I'll have to dig deeper in wife's change dish for a cap and tank bung and trash the idea of reusing the old cap.

Have to cut hole for the fuel sending unit/float yet and install a drain tap in bottom. Lots to do to it yet, surprising how much goes into a tank.

Need to figure out what I want to do to try and balance the look from behind on the right side when done, likely a false piece attached to back side of hydraulic levers? Hope to incorporate it into bottom side of fenders somehow.
Did a little more work on tractor this weekend. Battery hold downs completed, guess it looks ok? Cut hole for fuel gauge sending unit, welded bolts in to secure it. Welded the back side of tank to bent piece. Have a couple othe tabs to make to attach it to the frame yet. Once I get filler hole for fuel and the return line and drain figured out I'll weld on the front of tank.


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