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Gardens 2022

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Mar 31, 2012
Eastern Iowa
David Schwandt
Not off to a good start here at my place
Finally got one end tilled so Carolyn can get here vegies in.
No sooner did I get done and the dam Colorado beetles are already crawling out of the ground and I never have had potatoes in that end of the garden before!!

Going to start anew in a dffferent spot about a block away that Les has had corn the last few years.
Didn't even get enough spuds last year for seed so bought all new this year. Pontiac, Red, & Yukon Gold.
Will see what happens.
Try some granular Spectracide on the garden area. It took care of everything on my lawn including grub worms. I use it every spring and fall around the house to keep out insects.
Cheapest place around here to get it is at Lowes Home Improvement. Around $12 for a 20 lb. bag. I usually use three bags. I also use the liquid concentrate for plants.
Got the bean poles set up and planted this morning.
Got 1/2 of the sweet corn done yesterday, about 210 hills in the 1st planting.
The same in the 2nd planting in 2 weeks.
Using FS seed, Ambrosia that replaces the Peaches and Cream which they discontinued.

Spuds are in as well, last evening, about 212 hills, 4 different kinds, Yucon Gold, Kennebeck, Pontiac and Russett Burbank.


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Beetles. I take that 1 gallon jug of 'ready to use' Home insect liquid. I dilute it down, like 7 water to 1 bug killer. Put it in a pump sprayer and spray the leaves. That has been great for potato beetles on potatoes and the Sun flowers that they seem to love. I also add a small amount of Tide liquid clothing soap. The deer do not like the taste or smell.

We grow Garlic so I save some. Chop up a bunch and sprinkle it around the garden. Keeps many of the critters away.
5 weeks today since I planted the spuds.
most all are up and looking good, about ready to bloom.
Much better than last year as the CO beetles had them all chewed to hell before they bloomed.
I am finding a few of them, all adults, on the new crop by walking the rows about 2 or 3 times a day looking for them.
Been about 13 days now since the last decent rainfall and things are beginning to look very very dry around the edges.
There is a creek about 70 feet to the left of the rows but I can't think of a good way to get the water
up to where it's needed w/o stringing over 200' of drop cord.


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Things are looking good now that we got some rain.
Everything was planted on May 18th except for 100 hills of corn, 2nd planting, which was 2 weeks later.


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Beans and peas did noth9ing again this year. Last try. To much work with 0 return. Radish around here all went to tops this year. Had lots of lettuce, beats did nothing. Good crop of onions. Al pulled and on a table in the shade drying. Pickles and Cucumber are doing good. Working on another batch of B pickles now. Have 4 qt and about 16 pints done. Have about 27 pints of Freezer Cucumber Salad in the freezer. Lots of tomatoes on but not ripening yet. Egg plant has 7 fruits on it and growing good. Harvested 5 out of the 8 cabbage plants. Put in 6 pepper plants and picked a dozen large green peppers this morning again. Giant pumpkin are growing fast. Haven't seen anything of watermelon or Acorn Squash yet. Late spring with lots of rain, then the heat really messed up the gardening this year. Hoping for a late frost and we should get lots of tomatoes. Not a lot of hope for the watermelon, muskmelon or squash.
SW Iowa. 60 mi East of Omaha, NE and 30 mi North of Mo Line. Garden soil is sandy black dirt.
You and David are practically neighbors.

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